Most requests for academic accommodations are made either directly to the professor teaching the class, or through the Coordinator of Academic Services for Students with Disabilities.

If the student approaches the professor first and asks for a specific academic accommodation (e.g., extended time on tests, tape recorder, etc.), the system provides two options.

Option 1

Professor grants student’s request without intervention from the Coordinator of Academic Services for Students with Disabilities.  The professor may know the student well enough to make a judgment regarding the request without assistance from anyone.  For example, a student may request to tape record class lectures.  Many professors have no difficulty with such a request, and thereby grant it immediately.  This option is appropriate for many requested accommodations.  It recognizes the many instances where professors and students work together to solve problems.  It is recommended that faculty document these accommodations.

Option 2

A student requests accommodations directly or is referred to the Disabilities Coordinator, Jess Berry, and an appointment is scheduled.  If the disability is not apparent, the student provides current appropriate documentation of disability and need for accommodation from a qualified medical or other licensed evaluator.  The student will complete an Application for Support Services, which includes a release of information.  The documentation will be reviewed and if the student is eligible, and the accommodation deemed appropriate, a letter of accommodation request will be written to each professor working with that student.

Unless other arrangements are made, the student picks up the completed letter and delivers it to the instructor.  This allows the student and faculty to discuss the accommodation arrangements.

Faculty are encouraged to contact the Coordinator if assistance is needed in providing the accommodation or if they have questions regarding the appropriateness of the request.  If accommodations are not provided, students are responsible for notifying the Coordinator.

Option 3

If the student requesting an accommodation, auxiliary aid and/or services disagrees with the determination by the Coordinator of Academic Services for Students with Disabilities, the student should, within seven (7) calendar days, contact the campus Equal Opportunity Officer for assistance in resolving the matter informally.

Formal complaints should be referred to the U.S. Dept. of Education, Office for Civil Rights (OCR), Boston, MA 02109.