The bachelor’s degree in Performing Arts fosters inquiry into the ideas, processes, and meanings of the arts. Even though you will choose a concentration in a specific area — Arts Administration, Music, or Theatre — you will be encouraged, through coursework and creative projects, to engage in discussion, study, and collaboration with students and faculty across all disciplines, thereby challenging the boundaries that have traditionally separated us.

For a full description of each area of concentration, visit the UMF catalog:

How do I explore Performing Arts at UMF?

There are many ways to explore a major. You could:

  • Review the webpages for this major (Arts Administration, Music, Theatre)
  • Talk to faculty members in the major (Arts Administration, Music, Theatre). Ask about their career path.
  • Sit in on a class in this major. Choose a class of interest and contact the faculty member to find out which day might be best to drop in on.  If you have access to myCampus, click here to go to Schedule Planner to view classes.
  • Talk with upperclass students in the major. They can give you insights into the courses you will take and professors who will instruct you. Just remember, their reasons for liking a major may be different from your own. Ask your advisor, your CA or other UMF staff to help you find someone in the major.
  • Enroll in one or more of the following courses to explore this major:
    Arts Administration: BUS 208, SPV 100
    Music: MUH 150, SPV 100, any 100 level MUS or MUH course
    Theatre: Any 100 level THE course, SPV 100
  • Get involved with a Club & Organization related to the major (for example, Art Renegades, Film Club, Theatre UMF, Clefnotes, Lawn Chair Pirates, UMF Chorus, Band, or Community Orchestra).
  • Volunteer or intern with an organization that is aligned with this major. Contact Meghan Price at The Partnership for Civic Engagement, or Career Counselors Stephen Davis or Cyndi McShane to discuss opportunities.
  • Try a Job Shadow or Informational Interview. Contact Stephen Davis or Cyndi McShane for more information.
  • Make an appointment to talk to a Career Counselor (Steve or Cyndi) or Academic Advisor (Lori Soucie) about the major.

What can I do with this major?

Learn more about the major using this resource maintained by the University of North Carolina at Wilmington:

Can I minor in Performing Arts? Are there related majors at UMF?

UMF has minors in Art, Art History, Film Studies, Music, Music Studies, and Theatre.  Click here for more information. Majors related to Performing Arts include Interactive Media: Art Emphasis and Visual Art.

What kind of jobs have UMF graduates obtained with this major?

Assistant to Executive Director of a Non-Profit Art Association, Digital Brand Ambassador, Web Design Assistant, Stage Manager, Copywriter, Global Sustainability Analyst at Burton Snow Boards, Assistant Technical Director, SEO Specialist at Page One Web Solutions, Designer at iBec Creative, Production Staff at Waterfire Providence, Stage Management, Promotions and Traffic Director at HOT 104.7, SEO and Copywriter, Marketing Associate at Theater at Monmouth, and others.

What other career paths can I pursue?

Other career paths include Graphic Designer, Artist, Curator, Web designer, Animator, Film Editor, Music Director, and many more. Talking to faculty in the major or a career counselor can provide you with more information about a variety of career paths associated with this major.

How to I declare this major?

The first step is to communicate with the contact person for this major:  Jesse Potts, Merrill Hall,, 207-778-7072.

To apply to the major, complete a change of major form (available in Merrill Center or any academic office).

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