Lori Soucie
Assistant Director of Advising
(207) 778-7040
As a former undecided student myself and UMF alumna (Self Designed – Psychology and Art), I enjoy working with students and assisting with their course selection and major exploration. I encourage students to think about being undeclared as a positive step towards learning more about themselves and their interests. UMF has much to offer, plus we are small enough to give you the personal attention you deserve. I hope to see you at UMF!

Cyndi 1Cyndi McShane
Assistant Director of Career Services
(207) 778-7035
Greetings! My name is Cyndi McShane and I’m a UMF grad (2007). Welcome to the Liberal Arts Undeclared Program! I enjoy working with students who are up for learning about themselves and the world around them. I advise students on academics and internships, and, as a Career Counselor, I help students explore their options for after they leave UMF. It is never too early to start thinking about tomorrow. Life’s path is full of surprises and is rarely direct, but it’s full of interesting views. Let’s get you a viewfinder to see what you’re doing in a constructive way.

Steve 2Stephen Davis
Career Counselor
(207) 778-7232
Welcome to the Liberal Arts Undeclared Program! One of my favorite jobs here at UMF is to assist students as they explore and plan for the next steps in their lives. In my role as a career counselor I frequently meet with first year and transfer students and help them with this process. I look forward to helping you as you begin your time at UMF and as you get ready to move on to your next step.

Alumni Council - Poppy and KateKatie Baum O’Donnell
Director, Alumni Relations
Hi there! I’m Kate (and that’s my dog, Poppy). I am a UMF grad (2007) who was undecided, then majored in education, and then switched to Creative Writing, with lots of wandering-and-wondering in between. Now, I work in Alumni Relations and am the senior class advisor, but I love to help undeclared students throw caution to the wind, try unexpected things and figure it all out. I have worked for a hotel, a retirement community, and even completed two Walt Disney World internships! In my spare time I enjoy geocaching, running with the dog, camping in the summer, snow shoeing in the winter and very occasionally (read: not occasionally) watching bad reality television.

Bryce Cundick
Mantor Library Director
I’m the Library Director here on campus. I graduated from BYU in 2003 with degrees in English and Linguistics, planning on becoming an English professor. I received my MA in English from BYU in 2005, but then . . . plans changed. I switched tracks to library science, getting another Masters in that from Florida State in 2007. After I graduated, I came to UMF, and I’ve been here ever since. In my spare time, I write young adult fantasy under the pen name Bryce Moore. I enjoy reading, playing board games, and collecting Magic the Gathering cards.

Carla 3a

Carla DeGraw
(207) 778-7241
I enjoy helping students navigate options that will eventually help you decide on a major! While I was not an undeclared student in name, I clearly was undecided in that I changed my undergraduate major 5 times!  I changed my mind about my master’s program just before enrolling as well.  My career path?  My studies led me to my job(s) as Registrar at UMF, instructor of health education, first year studies, psychology, and emergency medicine.  If you are adventurous and interested in exploring a variety of courses, you’ve chosen the right program!

Mary Ellms
Coordinator of Orientation & Transition Programs
(207) 778-7476
Welcome to UMF and to the Liberal Arts Undeclared Program! I am a proud UMF alumna (Class of 2008) who double-majored in Creative Writing and English and minored in Theatre; I loved all of them and couldn’t choose just one! After graduation, I changed my course slightly by pursuing a Master’s degree in Mass Communication, and that led me to teaching and advising, which I absolutely love. I’m currently working on my PhD in Communication, so I’m still taking classes, writing papers, and taking exams just like my advisees! I’ve been working at UMF since 2017, coordinating orientation and events that aid in student transitions, teaching first-year seminars and Summer Experience, and advising undeclared students. I can’t wait to help you explore and figure out which path is right for you!

Tiffany Maiuri
Director of  Custom Enterprise Services, University Services: Information Technology.
(207) 778-7548
Hi, I am 2005 alumna of UMF  as well as a staff member for the University for more than 20 years. Currently I serve in a senior IT Leadership position for the University of Maine System. Prior to working at the University, I spent over 3000 days at sea as a U.S. Merchant Marine Officer, traveling to numerous countries and living within several cultures. In addition to working for the University I am; a State of Maine Disaster Responder, a Selectperson for the Town of Wilton, and cyber security specialist. Some of my interests and passions include being an avid outdoors enthusiast; kayaking, hiking, boating, fishing, hunting, wilderness survival, remote camping. I am also a terrain analysis enthusiast, pertaining to remote sensing techniques and its applicability to physical, biological, and criminal investigations.