As a proud alumnus, you already know Farmington is all about family.  We honor your UMF family connection with our new Farmington is Family Scholarship.

Specifically for UMF alumni who live outside of Maine, the Farmington is Family Scholarship offers Maine’s low in-state tuition rates and scholarships to college-bound children of UMF graduates who reside out-of-state.

These out-of-state legacy students — with at least one parent who obtained a degree from UMF — will be treated as in-state students, providing a significant tuition savings (based on 2016-17 rates) of more than $9,000, that’s $36,000 over their four years here.

The Farmington is Family scholarship is our largest scholarship and of course, these out-of-state alumni daughters and sons will also be eligible to receive Maine’s in-state academic merit and need-based scholarships.

This new alumni tuition discount will be for all incoming and returning students beginning in fall 2017, including transfers.

So, if you have a college-bound son or daughter and you’d like them to discover what made UMF so special for you, and at a significant discount, encourage them to Apply to UMF — FREE.