UMF Career Services encourages students to use the Jung Typology Personality Inventory to learn about your personality preferences. Once you complete the Jung Typology inventory, write down your four-letter code and read more about your personality profile and career interest profile.

Use the Explore Majors at UMF page to see which majors might align with your personality and career interests and begin outreach to explore these majors further.

Alternatively, you can explore all majors at UMF more in-depth through the academic catalog. To view academic programs and majors within the catalog, choose the academic year you would like to view (the current year will give you the most up-to-date information), then click on “Academic Programs,” followed by “Bachelor’s Degree Programs,” which will show you all the majors that UMF offers. You can also view information on minors, general education, and other topics relevant to the UMF curriculum.

Want to talk things over? Make an appointment with a UMF Career Counselor here or by calling 778-7034.