Finding a Job at UMF

If you’re like the majority of UMF students, you might be looking for information on how to find a part-time on- or off-campus job to support yourself financially throughout your studies. Part-time jobs are also really beneficial for students because they can help you amass work experience to explore or enhance career options after graduation.

The good news is that you can get a head start on this process before you even arrive to campus! Here are some suggestions of activities and resources you can use to get started on your search:

  • Step #1: Create (or revise) a professional resume. A resume is a document that presents your education, experience, and skills to an employer and is usually used to apply for a job. Getting a draft of this document completed before arriving at UMF is also beneficial to you because it helps you take inventory of your skills and experiences up to this point and decide how best to build on them for your future career. A resume must include your name and contact information, education, and experience (work or volunteer), but may also include information about your honors and awards, special skills, extracurricular activities, and more. To help you get started, UMF Career Services has compiled several resources, such as a resume template, sample resumes for a variety of majors, and even suggested words you can use in the document. Access our Resume Toolbox or New Student Sample Resume for resources.
  • Step #2: Have your resume draft reviewed or critiqued by a career counselor. Career Services offers personalized resume reviews and is available to help you refine and polish your document. Having your resume reviewed is a very important step in making sure you are presenting yourself in a professional manner. You may wish to speak with a career counselor over the summer or wait until the first week of classes, but either way, you can contact us here.
  • Step #3: Start the search for on- and off-campus jobs. There are a variety of ways to find out about part-time job opportunities on- or off-campus:
    • For on-campus jobs:  All on-campus jobs, including work-study, work-initiative, and department-funded positions are listed on the Merrill Center’s Academic Year Positions. The website outlines which jobs are available through work-study or other means, brief job descriptions, and contact information for hiring supervisors. Incoming students are advised to research open positions and contact supervisors during the summer before they arrive. If you’re unsure whether or not you are eligible for work-study, check your Maine Street account or call the Merrill Center at 207-778-7100.
    • For local (off-campus) jobs:  Career Services maintains an active job board where students can search for positions locally and throughout the state. In addition, there are a number of local and state-wide newspapers and job-search websites that may list local off-campus employment opportunities, including the Daily Bulldog  and
  • homesteadStep #4: Plan to attend UMF’s Student Employment Fair. Each fall semester, Career Services hosts the Student Employment & Volunteer Fair where students can interact with on-campus and local employers to find part-time work! This year’s event will take place Friday, September 2 from 11 am – 1 pm in the main corridor of the Olsen Student Center. For more information on participating employers and tips on working a job fair, check out our fair website.

No matter your year, your program of study, or career aspirations, Career Services is here for all students to support their success at UMF and beyond. To stay connected, see resources we share, and hear about upcoming events, we hope you’ll like UMF Career Services on Facebook and follow us on Twitter.

Please don’t hesitate to get in touch if you have questions about Career Services, how to find a job, our services and events, or any other thing you might like to know. We really look forward to welcoming you to campus at Orientation!