UMF Career Counselors / Advisors: 

Meet with Steve or Cyndi to discuss career related topics such as resume writing, cover letter composition, job acquisition (full-time, part-time), career exploration, graduate school (selecting, applying, getting in), fellowships, and other post-graduation plans.

Meet with Lori for questions involving majors / minors, changing majors, am I in the right major?, creating a Self-Designed major, adding/dropping/withdrawing from a class, and general questions about academics. Lori is the person to see to discuss entry into the Liberal Arts Undeclared Program.

Contact a Counselor Directly: 

Stephen Davis, Career Counselor
(207) 778-7232,
Click here to make an appointment with Stephen

Cyndi McShane, Assistant Director of Career Services
(207) 778-7035,
Click here to make an appointment with Cyndi

Lori Soucie, Assistant Director of Advising / Liberal Arts Undeclared Program
(207) 778-7040,
Click here to make an appointment with Lori

Full list and contact information for Center for Student Development Staff