If you would like to have your event at the Emery Community Arts Center, please complete the Event Proposal form below.

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Pre-recorded sound or audio elements are the responsibility of the presenter and must be provided in an acceptable format (i.e. one CD containing all of the sound cues) no less than one week before the event.
Note: The Emery Community Arts Center does not provide staff for ticket sales or merchandise tables nor does it provide staff for the refreshment tables or bar. If the bar is ordered it is your responsibility to make arrangements with the University's dining service provider, Sodexo, for the bar to be staffed.
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Also note: The Emery Community Arts Center provides a lounge, private bathroom and dressing room area for performers. All performance groups are required to meet with the Technical Director or Assistant Technical Director to discuss technical needs at least one week prior to performance date.

A sound and lighting check may be required prior to performance. The time for technical check and use of equipment needs to be confirmed by the Technical Director.

In order to ensure safety of the performers and preserve the long-term usability of equipment, use of all technical equipment and / or systems is at the discretion of the Technical Director.

Use of space ends 30 minutes after the close of the performance, and all carried-in equipment needs to be removed unless prior agreement is confirmed. The Emery Community Arts Center does not store items after a performance.

Some fees may be negotiated based on specific performance requests.

You may also download and send us a paper version of the Event Proposal (pdf)

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