The Custodial Services Division is responsible for all custodial services for the University’s Academic, Administrative and Residential Hall buildings.

custodian-cleaning-bathroom-sinkThese services include periodic washing and waxing of floors, carpet care, trash removal, recycling collection, vacuuming, bathroom cleaning, window washing, classroom cleaning, replacement of light bulbs and pest control. These services along with related custodial supplies are provided as a Facilities Management responsibility. Buildings & Grounds Maintenance Workers are assigned to a specific building or buildings and are expected to maintain their assigned areas within defined standards. The person assigned to a particular area can perform some minor/preventive maintenance tasks while reporting larger maintenance items to the Facilities Management Office for completion by a trades person.

This division also renders trucking and furniture moving services to all areas of the campus and handles the preparations and set-ups for concerts, lectures, dances and other campus activities.

Notice: we are not resposible for deliveries after 2:30pm, without sufficient notice.