The removal of snow and ice from all campus walkways, entrances and parking lots is the responsibility of the Facilities Management Department.  These areas are cleared as soon as possible during and after a storm. Commuter lots take priority to prepare for class opening.  When commuter lots are sufficiently clear the areas assigned for resident parking are attended to.

Residence Halls

Travel lanes are cleared between rows of parked cars in residence hall parking lots.   Final clean up of the residence hall lots is coordinated with the Student Life Staff as necessary. After one or more major snowstorms a decision is made to clear all residence hall lots of snow. Lots will not necessarily be cleared after every storm. In general, the clearing of the remainder of snow from these lots will occur during one of the student vacation periods.  However, if conditions necessitate the clean up of the residence hall parking lots when school is in session, snow removal is scheduled on a Saturday or Sunday and resident students are given 48 hours notice to remove their vehicles from the lots.  During this lot cleaning period residence hall students may park in any commuter lot.

The decision to clean the parking lots is made by the Director of Facilities Management in consultation with the Director of Student Life.  It is the responsibility of the Student Life Staff to inform in advance all residence hall students and their guests when the parking lots will be plowed.  It is the responsibility of students to cooperate with the clean-up operation by removing their vehicles from the parking lot before the plowing begins.  The Facilities Management Staff offers reasonable assistance to any student that has difficulty during plowing operations.  However, the staff assumes that all students have been given sufficient notice and reserves the right, at the owner’s expense, to tow any vehicle which impedes the clean-up operation.