UMF Recycles accepts the following material for recycling:

Corrugated Cardboard:

Only clean, dry cardboard and brown paper bags are acceptable. All boxes should be flattened, with any staples removed.

NO foreign cardboard. Examples; light or yellow coloring.

NO boxboard or paper board such as cereal boxes, shoe boxes or six-pack containers.

NO waxed or plastic coated cardboard such as chicken or vegetable boxes.

NO food contaminated cardboard such as pizza or fruit boxes.



Only clean, dry, non yellowed, newspaper and magazines, catalogs and telephone books mixed together are acceptable.

NO plastic bags.

NO paper bags.

Material must be loose, not tied in bundles.


Maine Mix Paper

Only clean, dry mixed paper is acceptable.

Maine Mix paper may include any of the following types of paper:

  • Copy paper
  • Computer paper
  • Letterhead
  • Stationary
  • Index cards
  • Time cards
  • Envelopes (no windows)
  • Manila file folders
  • Toilet paper tubes
  • Legal pads (no backing)
  • Colored copy paper
  • Brochures
  • Colored stationary
  • Pamphlets
  • Six pack containers
  • Colored envelopes (no windows)
  • Books
  • Junk mail (including envelopes)
  • Cereal boxes
  • Shoe boxes
  • Can labels
  • Bottle labels
  • Potato bags
  • Grain bags
  • Feed bags
  • Foreign cardboard
  • Post cards
  • Cards
  • Paper towel tubes

NO plastic bags.

NO pet food bags with plastic inside.

NO plastic bags from cereal boxes.

NO toy boxes with plastic on them.

NO foil type or plastic type paper or ribbon.



Rechargeable batteries only. No alkaline batteries, batteries are collected by contacting a member of the B&G services unit.


H.D.P.E. Plastic

H.D.P.E. Plastic with a # 2 inside and

a recycling symbol on the bottom of the container.

Natural plastic containers must be kept separate from colored plastic containers.

Natural Plastic: water jugs, most milk jugs.

Colored Plastic: laundry detergent containers, bleach containers,

white milk jugs (light block bottles).

All containers must be rinsed.

All caps must be removed.


Fluorescent Tubes, Computer Monitors, TVs

Contact a member of the Buildings and Grounds Services division to arrange for collection.


Tin Cans

Only clean tin cans are acceptable.

Paint cans are acceptable provided: there is no liquid left inside the container.

A light coating of dried paint is OK.

Aerosol cans are acceptable provided: there is no product left inside and

the propellant is used up and the cap and nozzle are removed.



Only clean glass containers are acceptable.

Lids must be removed.


Ceramic cups and plates Clay flower pots Crystal

Light bulbs Mirror glass Window glass

Drinking glasses Pyrex Safety glass



Only clean aluminum is acceptable. Aluminum cans need to be kept separate and free from food. Aluminum foil must be kept separate and free from food. All other types of aluminum must be kept separate.


Procedure for Collection of Recyclables:

Desk Side Recycling:

Includes waste in the smaller of the collection cans in the work area and Maine Mix in the larger container. Newsprint, Magazines and Corrugated cardboard may be left on the floor beside the containers for collection. All other materials should be recycled in the public area Recycling Centers around campus or you may contact a member of the Buildings and Grounds Services division for collection.

Public Area Recycling Centers:

Large labeled recycling Centers are located in the most public areas of campus. These centers will accept all of the materials listed above as recyclable, except for batteries. Please separate items according to the labeling and do not contaminate these Centers.