Safety is not the job of any one person. Rather it requires the coordinated efforts of all the staff working together as a team to prevent accidents and work related injuries. The first line of safety comes with recognizing potential dangers, and then having the knowledge to effectively deal with that danger. Safety is something which needs to be taken seriously, and applies to every person within the campus. Clerical and office workers face safety issues unique to their environment, as does the health care workers, maintenance personnel, instructors, professors, and work study students. However, since many employees and departments work together, and work environments are dynamic rather than static, the safety issues of one may be applicable to another.

This book is intended to bring awareness of the common safety issues faced by UMF employees, although it is important to keep in mind that safety isn’t limited to the work place. The safety practices outlined in the preceding pages can be used in every day life, at the work place and in the home. It is important to note the information provided serves as general guidelines as cited from OSHA standards and adopted by the university. For clarification and further information regarding safety, please contact Facilities Management.