Student clubs/organizations may use University vehicles for club and organization sponsored activities. The club’s advisor must call Facilities Management (x7006) to make the reservation for the club; reservations from students will not be accepted.

Trip Limitations:

  1. You may travel to anywhere in New England, New York City, Quebec City and Montreal for educational and cultural activities.
  2. Trips to anywhere outside of the above-listed areas must be pre-approved by the Vice President of Student and Community Services and the Director of Facilities Management.

To reserve and use a University van:

  1. Ensure that you have at least one approved driver to drive the van during your trip (trips that are over 4 hours away require two approved drivers per van) – see Driver Eligibility
  2. Have your advisor call to make the van reservation;
  3. Pick up a Student Organization Travel Form and Risk & Release form from the Center for Student Involvement, fill out all of the required information;
  4. Have everyone that will be going on the trip sign the form;
  5. Ensure that your advisor and Center for Student Involvement have both signed the Travel Form;
  6. Bring the original copy of the form with you when you go to Facilities Management to pick-up the van (the van will not be released to you without this form);
  7. When you return the vehicle, make sure that the gas tank is full, all of the trash is removed from the van, the lights are off and all of the doors are locked.

Driver eligibility:

  1. Print a Student Driver Clearance form from the Forms & Documents section of e-campus, fill out all of the required information (make sure you have your advisor sign the form);
  2. Take the form, along with your Maine driver’s license, to Facilities Management for a driving record check (if you have an out of state license please go to Public Safety for your license check, then bring signed form along with your license to Facilities Management);
  3. After you have been approved you will need to take an online driving course/test that you will need to pass with a score of 80 or higher; Facilities Management staff will e-mail you your log-in name and password. Once you have passed the test you will be considered “cleared” to drive a University vehicle for the school year.

Charges for Vehicle Use (gas is included in the price):

  1. .44 cents per mile for cars (5 passengers, including the driver, [seats 4 adults comfortably])
  2. .50 cents per mile for minivans (7 passengers, including the driver)
  3. 3 .60 cents per mile for large vans (12 passengers, including the driver)

If you have any questions about vehicle use, training or scheduling please Facilities Management at X7006.

Please Take Notice: No animals are allowed in University vehicles, except in instances where this is an appropriate intended use of the vehicle and transporting animal(s) has been approved. An exception is also made for Service Dogs (such as for the visually or hearing impaired) accompanying a passenger.