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The gray highlighted areas in the map above indicate typical UMF field placement areas.

Planning for Student Teaching Placements

We take the placements for student teachers very seriously. We consider the financial demands of our teacher candidates, and most importantly the effect that this 16 credit semester long experience provides for your future as professional educators.  A critical goal of our program is for you to be a highly successful beginning teacher, which will afford you the best job opportunities whether teaching in the state of Maine, other states or internationally. Since we are accredited by the state of Maine and NCATE/CAEP, we MUST meet guidelines related to their Standards for student teaching.

We begin the placement process a year in advance and PLANNING AHEAD FOR HOUSING, TRAVEL and Other Expenses When Student Teaching is essential for all Education majors.

Parameters that we work with:

In order for you to continue learning how to be successful in helping all students learn, placement schools with the following populations are most desirable:

English Language Learners (ELL)
Racial, ethnic and cultural diversity
Broad socio-economic status

Student teaching placements are selectively permitted in a school where a student had a practicum.
Placement in schools you have formerly attended is strongly discouraged.
Car pooling is strongly encouraged.
Your second and third choice placement areas must be realistic options.

 University of Maine Farmington

Placement of Student Teachers

Once eligibility requirements have been addressed:

  • Director of Field Services meets with Chairs of Departments to discuss student needs
  • Director of Field Services meets with Field Supervisors
  • Director of Field Services places student with Supervisor based on area of placement and student needs – gives supervisor list with comments
  • Every effort is made to place students in schools with diverse populations
Supervisor works with principal or district designee to find mentor.  Mentor teacher must:

  • Have three years of teaching experience
  • Complete the mentor training provided by UMF
  • Have the recommendation of the principal
  • Be approved by the supervisor
Director of Field Services notifies student of placement

  • Student teacher sets up appointment with mentor and principal
  • Upon approval, mentor completes contract for semester


The Director of Field Services:

Reviews the student’s special request.
Meets with the student to discuss the special request.
Makes a decision regarding the request by reviewing the student’s Practicum Experience(s) and talking with the student’s academic advisor.  Student’s academic record will be reviewed, with the expectation of a GPA of 3.0 or higher.
Advises student of decision regarding the special request; not all requests are approved.  If request is approved:
For International Placements, students work with Lynne Eustis in the Office of Global Education, 105 Fusion Space, and Hiram Sibley, Director of Field Services.
The Student interviews with a Student Teaching Supervisor.
The Placement process proceeds.

PLEASE NOTE: Any additional expenses, paperwork or procedures beyond what UMF does for our Student Teachers will be the responsibility of the student making the special request. UMF’s Field Services will make the placement contacts and will make the placements, or will work with UMF’s Office of Global Education.

Please contact Hiram Sibley with any questions you may have regarding Special Request Procedures:  hiram.sibley@maine.edu or 778-7171.