Welcome to the Financial Literacy Peer Education Program’s home page!
Whether you are a current student, community assistant, professor, coach, staff member, or potential community partner, this page is for you to explore the program, view educational content our educators have developed, and find all the resources you will ever need to become financially literate. If you are looking to bring the Financial Literacy Peer Educators to your dorm/office/class/club/student group then check our availability on the calendar page. You may schedule programming by contacting program coordinator Sarah Hinman at sarah.hinman@maine.edu

Mission Statement: Our mission is to increase the financial literacy of UMF students by providing them with student led informational programming regarding personal finance, student loan borrowing, default prevention, and financial aid.


“We need physical fitness for our health, and fiscal fitness for our wealth”

The Financial Literacy Peer Education Program provides comprehensive education concerning personal financial well being including but not limited to:
Understanding student loans and repayment options
Smart saving habits
Debt management and reduction
Tax credits, scholarships and loan forgiveness options for graduates who work in Maine

Funded by a grant from the Maine Attorney General’s office, the Financial Literacy Peer Education Program’s mission is to implement the program at all seven University of Maine schools over the next three years. The University of Maine Farmington will be the home base for the program and will host the yearly Peer Educator training camp. By the end of the grant’s five year life-span we’ll have fully operating programs system wide, create a sustainable financial succession plan, and doing outreach to local high schools, middle schools and community colleges. Information will be presented in the form of skits, workshops, presentations, and visual media created and presented by our student Peer Educators. Students seeking further guidance may request one-on-one meetings with a Peer Educator.

“Financial literacy is a key determinant of individual success, both during the college years and beyond,” said Cash. “We are delighted to have Sarah in this leadership role, strengthening our already successful financial literacy programming and bringing it forward to students throughout the University of Maine System. She is deeply committed to helping young people take hold of their finances and make sound economic decisions. Her work with this important initiative will make a difference in the lives of thousands of Maine students and directly enhance the state’s economy.” – Jared Cash, Vice President of Enrollment & External Relations



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