There is so much information out there to help you become more financially literate. We’ve made them easy to find in this list organized by topic:

Saving money in college:

Financial Education: – anything and everything you need to know about personal finance, money management, saving and paying for college. – a game that encourages you to explore education after high school, future careers, and money management.

Saving/Paying for college: – Turn a $25 deposit into $225 you can use for college (whether you’re a college student or parent!). Eligible Maine accounts can receive a $200 Initial Matching Grant when opening a NextGen account with just $25. – Start here and check out their tools and resources to make informed borrowing decisions. Then, visit their network of local, Maine-based lenders for in-school, private student loans or to refinance your student loan debt. – Need to bridge the gap left between scholarships, grants, and direct loans? Check out the Maine Loan (powered by FAME) for a low interest loan available to Maine college and medical students.

Finding Scholarships:
Maine Community Foundation:

Loan Information:
Educators for Maine Loan Forgiveness Program: