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October 27, 2016

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Step UP! Program Empowers Students To Promote Bystander Intervention

By Nick Bray, Staff Reporter 

UMF Student Senate participants in the Step UP! training program. (Photo Courtesy of Jamie Austin)

UMF Student Senate participants in the Step UP! training program. (Photo Courtesy of Jamie Austin)

A new program at UMF called Step UP! is seeking to train students in bystander intervention in order to empower students to help prevent problem situations when they see them. So far several student organizations on campus have already received the training and an open session will be available to any interested students this November.

Senior Hannah Tompkins is helping lead the initiative, along with Nurse Manager Lisa Lisius, and Assistant Director of Athletics Cyndi Pratt. The three of them attended a training in California last spring, where they trained to become facilitators of Step UP! They also learned how to implement the program at UMF.

“Step UP!’s purpose is to teach students skills to effectively intervene in problem situations they see on campus,” said Tompkins. These situations could range from simple to serious.

Students Team Up With HCC To Bring Wellness To Franklin County

By Allie Currie, Contributing Writer 

(Photo Courtesy of FCHN)

(Photo Courtesy of FCHN)

The Heath 310 classPrinciples of Disease Prevention and Health Promotion is teaming up with the Healthy Community Coalition (HCC) this month to prepare a store tour called, “Cooking Matters,” at the local Hannaford where they will share tips on how to live a healthy lifestyle. A specific day has not been set for this tour, but HCC and Health 310 are planning to schedule a date within the next couple weeks.

Health 310 will be at the event giving out materials donated by the Good Shepherd food bank and SNAP-ED—nutrition education. The class will also be preparing and giving away food samples, and providing recipes on clean eating, and a guide for healthy grocery shopping.

“I think this is a very beneficial event to our community,” said HCC member Laura Quynn. “It is open to all adults who want to participate in the event and they will not just be getting information, but recipes, books to help them shop healthy, shopping bags and a ten-dollar gift card to purchase a healthy meal for their families.”

Changes to UMF University Store Underway

By Andy Devine, Contributing Writer

UMF University Store employees tabling in the Student Center. (Photo Courtesy of Courtney Fowler)

UMF University Store employees tabling in the Student Center. (Photo Courtesy of Courtney Fowler)

Updated merchandise and a hopes of a new location are among the changes underway at the University Store this year. Following extensive research of customer preferences, these plans are part of a larger project to keep business fresh, compete with electronic book sales, and make available the products and apparel the UMF community is most interested in.

Since joining the Store team this past July, new manager Aimee DeGroat has spearheaded the project to revamp and rebrand the University Store. DeGroat stated that change in the ways students purchase textbooks requires the University Store to keep up to date and stay competitive amongst other options. “We need to grow and change as the world does, DeGroat stated.”

Offering new products, working with more students, further outreach to the community, and strengthening the the social media approach to the store are just some of the methods staff are using to build business up in the coming months. While the store will have a new website up and running in a short time, according to DeGroat, one major long term goal is relocating the store to a larger location for a more comfortable atmosphere.

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