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September 22, 2016

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Nine UMF Students Trek Through Tanzania

By Leah Boucher, Contributing Writer

UMF Professor Linda Beck and students participate in a safari through the Ngorongoro Crater. (Photo Courtesy of Lindsay Gorman)

UMF Professor Linda Beck and students participate in a safari through the Ngorongoro Crater. (Photo Courtesy of Lindsay Gorman)

UMF Professor of Political Science, Linda Beck headed up a travel course to the African country Tanzania this summer, giving students the opportunity to experience a vastly different culture for two weeks.

Beck previously traveled to Tanzania for her sabbatical in 2015 and was immediately drawn to the country. “While deciding where to go for my sabbatical, I was looking to work in a region of Africa for something different in my career,” said Beck, “and Tanzania fit the bill in so many different ways, certainly in terms of my interest in ecotourism and environmental activism.”

In fact, this area of research was the main focus of the course. One of Beck’s students, a junior who is double majoring in environmental policy and planning and political science, explained that this travel course gave students more knowledge on what exactly ecotourism and environmental activism mean. “On this course, we were able to focus on ecotourism by trying our best to not have an excessively negative impact on the environment,” said Danica Lamontagne, “and one way we accomplished this was by shopping at local Tanzanian stores that only sold products made out of recycled goods.”

Student Parking Concerns: A Master Planning Discussion With President Kate Foster

By Kimberly Day, Contributing Writer 

Freshmen Parking Lot 18. (Photo by Rose Miller)

Freshmen Parking Lot 18. (Photo by Rose Miller)

Parking on campus is always a topic of conversation throughout the year at UMF, especially when classes begin and the parking lots start filling up again. Students have voiced concerns about the safety and convenience of first-year parking in particular, and now the conversation has made it’s way into Master Planning discussions with President Kate Foster and facilities management.

Perhaps the most talked about aspect of this issue is available parking for first-year students. First-year students are able to park in either lot 18 (behind Scott Hall), lots 21 and 22 (on Prescott Street) or lot 26 which is located behind the FRC.

For first-year students and Scott Hall residents Tasha Dube and Destiney Charles, this availability can be problematic. Charles noted that, “Freshman parking lots are far from everything,” and both Charles and Dube stated that neither of them feel safe walking down to lots 21 and 22. Charles agreed after Dube remarked, “Better lighting would help.”

Many other resident students have expressed those feelings in the past. Because of this, President Kate Foster and head of facilities, Jeff McKay, worked to alter that to help students feel safer and more comfortable walking to their vehicles. “If someone came to me and said ‘I’m scared, it’s not well lit enough, I don’t like the path,’” President Foster explained, “then, we had concerns and that’s when we turned to facilities and said, ‘we don’t think the lighting is sufficient in these student parking lots. We don’t think they feel safe enough,’” continued Foster, “that is a concern we heard loud and clear.”

FRC Revamps Fitness Programs: New Certifications Mean More Variety

By Courtney Jacques, Contributing Writer

UMF Alumnus Julian Jackson takes advantage of the weight room in the FRC. (Photo by Lindsay Mower)

UMF Alumnus Julian Jackson takes advantage of the weight room in the FRC. (Photo by Lindsay Mower)

Nine UMF students and three professional staff members attended the American Aerobics Association International (Triple AI) Conference late August 2016, held in Cape Cod, Massachusetts, allowing the UMF Fitness and Recreation Center (FRC) to offer revamped fitness programs, over 18 new certifications and 51 group exercise classes.

The three day weekend event was filled with bringing education to fitness professionals. Triple AI events are statewide and attract thousands of people. The Cape Cod conference had well over 1,000 individuals gathered to increase their training in fitness.

The conference allowed students a greater opportunity to expand their knowledge in the health field and receive certifications in specific areas. The UMF Health Club contributed $100 to every student attending the trip. Alison Thayer, director of PHE and fitness, and Michael Colella, director of group fitness and personal training, are two of the professional staff that joined students for the weekend long experience.

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