Dear UMF community and FRC members,

We have some exciting news about FRC developments underway this August. The fieldhouse floor – original to the building, worn, and no longer entirely flat – will be replaced with a new surface. The bumps that have formed over the past 26 years will be addressed, leaving us with a fresher floor on which to run and play. The new floor will provide a bit more grip and cushioning than the existing floor, which will be better for walkers, runners, and athletes playing any number of sports.

The resurfacing of the fieldhouse is a sizable construction project, through which we are committed to providing as much continuity of service as possible. While much of the work to replace the floor will happen during our normal shut-down week – this year Aug. 19-23 – the project will take longer than those 5 days. The planned construction schedule will close the fieldhouse from August 12 through August 28 with a scheduled re-opening on August 29.

During the periods of Aug. 12-18 and 24-28 the FRC will remain open for both fitness and pool use. Locker rooms will be accessible, and the strength room will house both strength and cardio equipment, providing a full, if smaller, gym.

The fieldhouse closure will mean certain programs will not be available, however. There won’t be any space in which to house Cradles and Crayons, which will be suspended during the project. Group Fitness will also be losing access to court 4, but water classes and some outdoor classes will be offered. A complete schedule is forthcoming.

We appreciate your patience and understanding while these renovations take place, and trust you are as excited as we are about these improvements. Please call or email with any questions or comments.