Returning staff must complete a work authorization form for the 2019-2020 academic year prior to beginning work.

Congratulation on being offered a position at the Fitness and Recreation!

Next Steps:

  1. Obtain hiring paperwork from Merrill Center.
  2. Bring the Work Authorization Form to your supervisor for completion.
  3. Sign up for a FRC New Hire Orientation & FA/CPR/AED Course (if needed).
  4. Attend and complete the New Hire Orientation.
  5. Begin department specific training.

Before you can begin working you must complete hiring paperwork, provided through the Merrill Center.  Student employees will be directed on completing a federal I-9 and both a federal and state W-4 .form, as well as direct deposit.

Bring the Work Authorization form to your supervisor for a signature. The form is then returned to the Merrill Center. Once you have received the e-mail from University System Payroll, indicating your job has been set up in Mainestreet, you can then sign up for an orientation and begin your mandatory compliance training (details given with the Work Authorization Form).

All FRC employees are required to maintain an Adult & Pediatric FA/CPR/AED certification. Courses are available at no fee to employees.

The FRC New Hire Orientation is completed by all new employees. Attendees must have a current FA/CPR/AED certification on file or complete the online course work for the future certification, prior to attending FRC New Hire Orientation. FA/CPR/AED course dates and online work link can be found here.

Stop at the front desk to sign up for a New Hire Orientation and a FA/CPR/AED.  Introduce yourself as a new hire needing to sign up for a New Hire Orientation, (and FA/CPR/AED, when needed).  You will be asked the position you were hired for and your t-shirt size. There is no fee to either course, so ensure you are not charged!

Aquatic staff new hires must attend the aquatic department September In-Service held Sunday, September 8 from 6pm – 9:00pm, in addition to attending a New Hire Orientation (dates listed below).

FRC Fall 2019 New Hire Orientation Dates:

  1. Tuesday, September 10 6pm – 9pm
    (registration code: 150000 B)
  2. Wednesday & Friday, September 11 & 13 11:45am – 1:15pm
    (registration code: 150000 C)
  3. Sunday, September 15 12pm – 3pm
    (registration code: 150000 D)
  4. Monday & Wednesday, September 16 & 18 11:45am – 1:15pm
    (registration code: 150000 E)
  5. Saturday, October 5 12pm – 3pm
    (registration code: 150000 G)


Any questions, concerns should be directed to your immediate supervisor or