Adult and Pediatric First Aid/CPR/AED

This course trains participants to respond to emergencies in their communities, workplaces and homes. Participants will learn to respond and care for unconscious victims, breathing emergencies, sudden illness, bleeding, and more.

Through guided instruction and hands on practice with a certified instructor, participants will gain confidence in caring for adults, children and infants. After completing all requirements of the course, participants will receive an American Red Cross adult, child and infant CPR/AED and first aid certifications valid for 2 years.

Two Course Options: Full course & Blended Learning

Full Course (FC) is ideal for those who have never taken the course before and prefer consistent instructor interaction. A 45-minute lunch break will be given.

Blended Learning (BL) requires 2.5 hours of online course work. The course link can be found on the FRC website and is the responsibility of the participant to complete prior to attending the course.  Online course link:

  1. Thu. 9/6 10:30-Noon (BL)
  2. Sat. 9/15 9-3p (FC)
  3. Fri. 9/21 5-6:30p (BL)
  4. Sat. 9/22 9-3p (FC)
  5. Sat. 10/13 9-3p (FC)
  6. Thu. 10/18 10:30-Noon (BL)
  7. Fri. 10/26 5-6:30p (BL)
  8. Sat. 11/10 9-3p (FC)
  9. Thu. 11/15 10:30-Noon (BL)
  10. Sat. 12/8 9-3p (FC)


Registration forms must be completed and submitted to the Fitness and Recreation Center Front Desk, with full payment, prior to the start of the course. A minimum of four registered participants are required two business days prior the first class. Participants are contacting through the e-mail provided on the registration form.


Fees: UMF students $60 | FRC Members $65| Non-Members $78


In order to receive certification participants must attend the entire course, participate in all skill sessions and scenarios, and demonstrate competency in all required skills and scenarios.

Some skill sessions require strenuous physical activity. If you have a medical condition or disability or if you have any question’s regarding your ability to participate fully in this course, discuss this with your health care provider and connect with Jennifer

Please wear comfortable clothing and avoid wearing: Dangling jewelry or jewelry with sharp edges.


Contact Jennifer with your questions. | 207.778.7437

University of Maine at Farmington | Fitness and Recreation Center | 152 Quebec St. | Farmington, ME


Blended Learning Details:
2.5 hours of online course work, followed by 2 hours (max time with 10 participants) of face to face skill work.

  1. Thu. 9/6 10:30-Noon (BL)
  2. Fri. 9/21 5-6:30p (BL)
  3. Thu. 10/18 10:30-Noon (BL)
  4. Fri. 10/26 5-6:30p (BL)
  5. Thu. 11/15 10:30-Noon (BL)

Online course link:

The link above will take the student to the LOGIN/CREATE LOGIN screen.
First time users will select the “Create Login” button (see next screen)
Returning users will login with their existing credentials
After selecting “login,” the student will automatically be taken to the course launch screen

First-time users will also receive an email confirming their account creation.

  • Students must use unique email addresses when creating accounts.
  • Student emails will not be used for marketing or any other communication unless relevant to using the Direct Links platform.


UMF students $60 / UMF Fitness & Recreation Center Members $65 / Non-members $78

Participants who do not meet the overall course requirements or withdraw from the course with less then four days prior to the start of the course, are not eligible for a refund.

Registration forms must be completed and submitted to the UMF Fitness & Recreation Center front desk, with full payment prior to the start of the course.

A minimum of 4 registered participants are required two business days prior to the first class.

Registration Form (pdf)

Complete and submit the form to Jennifer Pageot at the address below.

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Jennifer Pageot
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Aquatic, Health and Safety Educator
tel 207-778-7437

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