Sandy Registration Form 2019 (pdf) Print and submit to the Front Desk

Pick The Course That Best Fits You:

  • Course 1: Strong to Farmington -11 Miles | 19,400 total yards
  • Course 2: Phillips to Farmington – 22 Miles |38,700 total yards
  • Course 3: Sandy River Ponds to Farmington – 33 Miles |58,000 total yards

We track your overall mileage from your self-reporting. You will be able to follow your course progression on a map of the Sandy, right on the pool deck!


Participants receive weekly emails including as swim tip and a workout tailored to each course, as well as free admission to spring semester stroke clinics.


Join Any Time!
Tracking runs January 3rd to May 3rd


Estimated weekly yards needed to accomplish to reach goal:

January February March April
Course 1 ~1,141 yards/wk ~1,495 yards/wk ~2,160 yards/wk ~3,880yards/wk
Course 2 ~2,280 yards/wk ~2,980 yards/wk ~4,300 yards/wk ~7,740 yards/wk
Course 3 ~3,412 yards/wk ~4,460 yards/wk ~6,450 yards/wk ~11,600 yards/wk


Fees: UMF Students FREE | FRC Members $10