October 2014 Group Fitness Schedule

One of the many benefits of being a member of the UMF FRC is access to our group fitness classes.

Classes are:

  • FREE, no additional charge above and beyond your  membership fee
  • Open to all members
  • Instructed with modifications for every fitness level
  • Drop in accessible and do not require a sign up
  • Includes classes such as Zumba, Piloxing, Kickboxing, Cycle, Pilates, Bootcamp, Yoga and Aqua  Zumba. (Descriptions can be found below)

Our Group Fitness schedule does change monthly and is posted on our website as well as on our UMF FRC Group Fitness FaceBook page.


Exercise Class Descriptions
PILATES-based on the Pilates method, this is a mat-work class that concentrates on strengthening, lengthening and increasing flexibility.  The focus is on the “powerhouse” (abdominal muscles, lower back muscles, hip and buttocks muscles), but teaches the participant to use the body as a whole.  It is a mindful type of exercise, increasing and enhancing the participant’s total mind-body awareness.  Please note that there are different levels of Pilates classes offered.

YOGA- Also commonly known as POWER YOGA, or ASHTANGA, this is a more active and challenging form of Yoga.  It is a progressive class, so regular participation is recommended and encouraged.

STEP AEROBICS/DOUBLE STEP/STEP & STRENGTH/SIMPLY STEP- These are all various forms of a low impact cardiovascular workout.  Led by one of our FRC group fitness instructors, these classes will provide the participant with a safe and effective cardiovascular workout, beginning with a warm-up and pre-stretch and ending with a cool-down,  midsection training, some strength training, and a post-stretch.   If you are new to Step please introduce yourself to the instructor for instructions on proper step height, a few hints about form and technique, and medications appropriate for your fitness level.

GUTS AND BUTTS- This class targets the midsections (abdominal muscles and low back muscles) and the glutei group (butt muscles).  It is not a cardiovascular class; instead it is more of a toning and conditioning class.

CYCLE- The cycles are set up to simulate a real road bike, as are the classes set up to simulate a real road ride.  Your instructor may include some visualization, helping you get a little more mentally involved in your ride, and will include hill climbing, jumping and sprinting just to name a few things. This can be a challenging class, but please keep in mind any fitness level can participate, as the intensity levels and resistant levels are all controlled by you.

WATER EXERCISE CLASSES- What a great way to get both cardiovascular and resistance training in one awesome workout!  This is a safe and effective way to get your workout without any impact or stress on the joints.  Anybody can participate.

ZUMBA-    “Ditch the workout, Join the Party!!” This class combines current music with Latin rhythms and easy-to-follow moves that provide a fitness program that will get you moving. Our class routines include interval training sessions with both fast and slow rhythms and resistance training are combined to tone and sculpt your body.

Shake It Out-   A fun and energetic dance class that encourages you to step out of your shell and dance without a care in the world! With a mixture of modern day jams with a hint of a blast from the past, this class will have you up and moving from the start, burning some serious calories along the way. Once you step onto the floor, be ready to get up and Shake It Out!

PHYSICAL EDUCATION (PHE)-  This classes are a requirement for UMF students to take and include everything from games, water, strength and conditioning, cardio and more, the best thing about these classes is that community members are free to participate and you will not be graded!  Instructors provide safe, progressive classes in an encouraging environment that allow for long-term benefits and physical improvements.

PILOXING- Piloxing is an exciting new inter-disciplinary program that mixes Pilates and boxing moves into a calorie blasting, muscle-toning, core-centric interval workout, guaranteed to whip you into shape using a class format that is both fun and challenging!

BOOTCAMP LEVEL I- A more basic boot camp class.  Participants of all fitness levels welcome! This class will demonstrate more modifications and will run at a moderate intensity.

BOOTCAMP LEVEL II- Designed for athletes or fitness enthusiasts. This class will be high intensity with many complex exercises. (Participants should be able to successfully; run 2 miles, do 20 pushups, sprint for 30 sec and hold a plank for 1 min.)

* If you have any questions concerning any of our classes please feel free to contact Tricia Robinson, Group Fitness Coordinator, at 778-7505 or e mail at tricia.robinson@maine.edu. You can also check out our website at http://frc.umf.maine.edu.