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IM Schedule 2015-2016

New Sportsmanship Ratings

IM Handbook

Forfeit Fee

  • $10: On time (prior to captain’s meeting)
  • $15: At captain’s meeting
  • $20: Late (after captain’s meeting AND with IM supervisor approval)



The intramural program is designed to provide all members of the University opportunities to participate in a variety of athletic activities. These activities encompass team and individual sports. Currently intramural’s include both inside and outside activities and events. In addition to the obvious benefits of physical fitness, participants also improve skills, establish friendships, and develop lifelong leisure time habits.

Intramural sports are recreational activities which allow students to experience structured individual or team competition. The winners of each league or tournament are awarded championship T-shirts for each member of the team.

Intramural’s are an integral part of campus life. Students, faculty, and staff all come together for competition and camaraderie through participation in a variety of sports activities and programs offered throughout the academic year. The intramural staff invites you to get involved.

IM Policies

Current UMF students, faculty, staff and administrators are eligible to participate in the intramural program.
You may only play on one team while that activity is being offered. If the team is dropped before the first game is played then players may transfer to another team. Players may be added to the roster until playoffs begin. Players eligible for playoffs must compete in a designated number of games (to be determined at the captain’s meeting). If an injury prevents a teammate from participating a replacement may be added. The replacement must be reported to the intramural coordinator by noon on the day of the game. A team shall forfeit any contest in which it uses any ineligible players.
A player may participate on only one team at a time per season.
Alcohol and drugs are not permitted at any intramural activity. Any persons found under the influence of or in possession of these substances will be removed from the intramural program and will be disciplined under the University’s Code of Conduct.

How to Register for an Intramural Activity

Check the intramural bulletin board (located in the Fitness and Recreation Center ) or call 778-7138 for more information concerning upcoming events.
If you are an individual interested in participating, a Free Agent list will be available at the registration table or you may call X7138 to be placed on the lit. Free Agents will either be placed on existing teams or will be grouped together to form an additional team.
Schedules for the event will be distributed during the Captains Meeting.
Any changes will be posted on the intramural bulletin board at the FRC and e-mailed to the captains.

Responsibilities of the Captains

Check your e-mail and the FRC bulletin board often for any updates. The captains will be able to get any updated information on scheduled contests and entry deadlines at these locations. It is the captain’s responsibility to keep in touch with the IM Coordinator about any information pertaining to his or her team.
Submit the team entry and roster at the FRC or at “the beach” in the Student Center by Friday at noon during sign up week for the desired sport. Late submissions will not be recognized. Captains Meeting times will be posted on the intramural board at the FRC, at the registration table and will be sent in an e-mail.
LEAD BY EXAMPLE.Because of the captain’s interest in sports, he or she should participate in a sportsmanlike manner and encourage players to do likewise. Be a leader that officials and players will respect. Unsportsmanlike conduct can and will lead to a game ejection.
Notify all team members regarding place, date and time of all contests.
Many prospective participants will hesitate to sign up unless encouraged, so try to facilitate their interest.
Be familiar with all eligibility and game rules and share the information with your teammates.
Notify the IM Coordinator when a team member is injured.
Be sensible about the number of persons listed on your roster. Be sure you have enough team members to last the entire season.
Captains are responsible for paying the team’s forfeit fee. If you attend all games and meetings your fee with be refunded. No money will be refunded if you forfeit a game. After a second forfeit your team will be taken off the schedule and become ineligible for playoffs. If the fee is not received before the start date of the event, the team will be removed from the schedule.


  • Ultimate Frisbee
  • 3 on 3 Basketball
  • Dodgeball

Additional Information

For more information about the UMF intramural sports program please contact the Intramural Coordinator, Leah Brackett at 778-7138, leah.brackett@maine.edu, or stop by the Fitness and Recreation Center