The UMF Fitness and Recreation Center updated its membership rates and Guest Fees on September 1, 2018.

This adjustment primarily covers the impact of the increase to the minimum wage. The last membership and guest fee rate change was in 2014. We remain committed to offering affordable access to quality fitness programs, equipment and facilities to the community and campus. This modest adjustment addresses the most pressing overhead expense. We continue to offer extensive hours of operations, a wide scope of programming and an array of membership types and payment options.

Current memberships will continue at the current rate until your renewal date. If you are on a Perpetual Membership, your rate will continue as is.

Membership services will be happy to answer questions in this regard.

Thank you in advance for your patronage and check out our expanded services and opportunities with Aquatics, Mainely Outdoors and Personal Training!

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Rates, Payment Options and Other Info as of September 1, 2018


Individual Secondary Add’l Age 14+ Add’l Age 5-13 Add’l Age 0-4
1 Year $265 + $130 + $55 + $25 Free
6 Months $150 + $70 + $25 + $15 Free
3 Months $85 + $40 + $15 + $5 Free
1 Month $35

Perpetual Membership *

See below

$30/mo. + $10/mo. + $5/mo. + $2/mo. Free
Sr. 60+ & Veteran Discount 10% 10% off Public memberships above (except perpetual)

Secondary = Spouse / partner OR dependent child under age 18 (age 22 if in college) of the individual pass holder.

Addt’l = After a secondary member has been added, additional dependent children can be added based on age.

Perpetual = Requires automatic monthly deduction from credit card and 12 month min commitment ($50 fee for early cancellation)

UMF Alumni

Individual Secondary Add’l Age 14+ Add’l Age 5-13 Add’l Age 0-4
1 Year $175 + $90 + $20 + $10 Free

UMF Students

Individual Secondary
1 Semester Included with enrollment $50
Summer – Students not taking classes $50 $20


Individual Program Requirements
3 Months (from date of purchase) $40
No Senior Discount
  • Age 60 or older
  • Monday-Friday must scan-in before 9am
  • Weekends & Holidays scan-in anytime
Silversneakers® Free
  • Ages 65+
  • Eligible Medicare Advantage or
    Medicare Supplement Health Plan
  • Requires an application (see us)

Guest Day Passes

Good for Date of Purchase
Adult (ages 14+) $8
Youth (Ages 5-13) $4
Guest of UMF Student $4

UMF Employees

Information below is being provided by the UMF Fitness & Recreation Center for UMF employees. Employees from other UMaine System campuses should contact the UMaine System Benefits Office.

All University of Maine System employees are eligible for voucher pass, at not cost, to University of Maine System fitness facilities, regardless of whether or not they have insurance through the UMaine System (once their respective labor contract has been executed).

Eligible employee bargaining units currently approved for unlimited visits for employees and family members on employee’s insurance are:

  • AFUM (faculty)
  • UMPSA (professional)
  • Teamsters (service and maintenance)
  • FOP (police)
  • Non-represented employees

Spouse/partner and/or dependents only qualify if they are part of the employee’s insurance plan. Dependents qualify up to age 26 only if they are on the employee’s insurance plan.

Employee voucher pass holders will be considered perpetual (for purposes of entering memberships into the Fitness & Recreation Center membership software – RecTrac), coinciding with the end of the Collective Bargaining Agreements.

If contracts are renewed by that date with same language then employee memberships would simply continue. If contract language changes then memberships would be cancelled and/or changed in accordance with new contract language.

Membership for spouse/partner and dependents will be discontinued if/when they are no longer on the employee’s insurance (ex. a dependent has turned age 26).

To get set up with an employee UMF Fitness & Recreation Center voucher pass, contact Lisa Turner tel 778-7479 in the UMF Human Resources Office, located on the first floor of UMF’s Merrill Hall.

The Human Resources Office will issue paper vouchers that can be presented to the UMF Fitness & Recreation Center. The Fitness Center will then issue a scan card to the employee and eligible family members. It’s seamless and easy.

UMF Employee Membership FAQ

  • Fitness & Rec Center program fees – The free unlimited voucher program for UMF Fitness & Rec Center access only and will not qualify employees for various member discounts provided to paying members. Examples include reduced registration fees for some programs such as swim lessons, after school program, and Red Cross courses will be charged at the non-member rate.
  • Payroll deduction – If an employee is currently doing payroll deduction and wishes to stop, they simply need to contact UMF’s HR Office in Merril Hall. They will stop the payroll deduction and notify the Fitness Center about the cancellation.
  • Payroll deduction for spouse/partner or dependent – An employee will be allowed to do payroll deduction for a spouse/partner and/or dependent(s) that are not on your health insurance at the Fitness Center “employee” rate. The employee must indicate who the payroll deduction is for on the payroll deduction form available at the Fitness Center.
  • Tax Deductible donation to the Fitness & Rec Center – Due to the fact that UMaine System employees now receive free Fitness Center memberships and that the Fitness Center does not get reimbursed for this lost revenue, some have asked if they can still do payroll deduction and make a donation the Fitness Center. The answer is yes! Payroll deduction forms are available for this purpose at the Fitness Center that recognize the employee’s donation as a gift and therefore tax deductible. You simply enter the amount you wish to deduct each pay period.
  • Reimbursement on prepaid membership – If an employee has purchased a membership outright (not through payroll deduction) and wishes to cancel it, the employee needs to contact the Fitness Center and we will either reimburse the employee the pro-rated balance of the membership amount or put a credit on the employees account.
  • Adding a spouse/partner or dependent(s) who ARE on UMaine System Health Insurance – Employees may add their spouse/partner and any legal dependents aged 0-26 to their membership as long as they are included on the employee’s UMaine System Health Insurance plan.
  • Adding a spouse/partner or dependent(s) who are NOT on UMaine System Health Insurance – If an employee has a spouse/partner or dependent(s) that are not on the employee’s insurance plan and they wish add them may join at the employee rate even if they themselves are not employees. This is done at the Fitness Center. The employee is required to be present at the time of membership purchase. The employee can choose to do payroll deduction for that spouse/partner or dependent if they choose.
  • Change in eligibility – If an employee is terminated, the Human Resources Office will include removing the employee from the Fitness Center membership as part of the employee termination form.
  • Terminated or retired employees – Terminated or retired employees are not eligible for vouchers.
  • Wellness hours – Vouchers cannot be used in conjunction with wellness hours (paid time off for wellness activities per union contract). Vouchers can only be used outside normal work schedule.
  • RiseUp Points – Vouchers will not automatically be tied to RiseUp activity points. However, employees can enter activity points themselves on the RiseUp website.

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