Individual Secondary Add’l Age 14+ Add’l Age 5-13 Add’l Age 0-4
1 Year $240 +$120 +$48 +$24 Free
6 Months $135 +$65 +$24 +$12 Free
3 Months $75 +$35 +$12 +$6 Free
1 Month $30
Perpetual pass $25/mo +$10 +$4 +$2 Free
Sr. 60+ & Veteran Discount 10% 10% off Public memberships above (except perpetual)


Secondary =spouse/partner OR dependent child under age 18 (22 if in college) of the individual pass holder

Add’l = after a secondary member has been added, additional dependent children can be added based on age (max 3 paying addtionals, more will be at no charge)

Perpetual = requires automatic monthly deduction from credit card and 12mo min commitment ($50 fee for early cancellation)


UMF Alumni

Individual Couple/Secondary Add’l Age 14+ Add’l Age 5-13 Add’l Age 0-4
1 Year $160 +$80 $16 $8 Free

UMF Student

Individual Couple/Secondary
1 Semester Included with enrollment $45
Summer – Students not taking classes $45 $20


Individual Program Requirements
3 Months (starts when membership is purchased) $37 Participants must be age 60 or older. This member is entitled to use of the facility Monday through Friday before 9am and anytime on weekends and holidays.
Silversneakers® Free For ages 65+ with eligible Medicare Advantage or Medicare Supplement Health plan. Contact Tricia Robinson to see if you are eligible.

Guest Passes

Single Day Weekend (Fri.-Sun.) Week (5-7 days)
Individual $7 $12  $20
Couple $12 $22  $30
Family $15 $28  $35
Guest of FRC Member $4 NA  NA
Guest of UMF Student $2 $5  $10
Grandchild of Member $2 $5  $10

Payment Options

Perpetual Memberships Allows public memberships to be automatically deducted monthly through a member’s credit card. There is a 12 month minimum requirement with a $50 early cancellation fee.
Payment Plan Only available for yearly memberships. Initial payment, due at start date, is 1/2 the cost plus a $10 fee. The remainder will be paid in two equal installments in 30 and 60 days from enrollment.


2014  Membership Rate Change & Description 

The FRC has only had two membership increases in the 22 years of existence; one in 2002 & the other in 2008 (6 years ago).  Unfortunately, costs and expenses continue to rise, and periodic adjustments need to be made.  We understand the challenges people face with their own budgets and thus have made every effort to keep the impact minimal and even provide additional options when possible.  A survey of 27 like fitness facilities was undertaken to see how our rates compared and we found that in nearly all cases ours were the lowest.  Information was also reviewed by a president’s task force and extensive thought and consideration was given to the membership structure and associated costs before moving forward.  The following represent changes in our membership rate structure beginning July 1, 2014:

  • Fees were systematically increased in membership categories.  All existing memberships will be honored until renewal.
  • The “Family” membership category structure was changed from a lump sum approach to “add-on” approach by age.  This should result in a savings for most families.  We have capped the number of children that are charged at 3 after the secondary pass purchase.
  • College students can now be claimed as part of a family membership up to age 22 with proof of enrollment.
  • A 1 month membership option has been added.
  • A “perpetual” membership option has been added that will spread out payments monthly and will automatically continue until cancellation is requested.  There is no additional fee to participate in this program.  Payments are deducted monthly from a credit card with a minimum 12 month commitment.  Please note that a $50 early cancellation fee will apply if you hold this membership less than 12 months.  No cancellation fee applies after 12 months.
  • Senior & Veteran discount – A 10% discount has been added to public short term & yearly memberships for seniors (age 60+) and veterans (with military ID or verification).
  • Heartime program – This early bird program where eligible members receive a significant discount by checking in before 9:00AM on weekdays and anytime on weekends and holidays remains.  This membership was changed from semester to 3-month to coincide with existing short term memberships guidelines (i.e. allowing eligible members to join at any time).  Heartime memberships will now start from the purchase date and expire 3 months from that date.  The requirement of a doctor’s note has been removed and the eligible age changed to 60+.  The 3-month Heartime membership rate is 50% less than the regular 3-month rate.
  • Silversneakers® – Those age 65 and over may qualify for a free monthly membership.  We have contracted with Healthways Silversneakers® Fit to offer this program for those that meet their criteria.  This is an active adult wellness program offered to many Medicare health plans across the nation.  Check your health plan through to see if you qualify.  For additional information contact Tricia Robinson at .
  • All guest fee passes have remained the same.