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PoolThe goals of the program are to educate, inform, motivate, and enlist the support and participation of older persons in physical activities for better health.  These goals will be met through Functional Fitness, Strength Training, Balance and Coordination, Flexibility, and Cardiovascular variations conducted by the UMF Fitness and Recreation Center Staff.  Doctors, gerontologists, and other experts on aging have long testifies that a regular program of physical fitness can slow the natural aging process by maintaining the functioning and effectiveness of the tissues and organs of the human body.  Quality of life, as it pertains to physical activity, will be enhanced upon entering and consistently participating in this program.  The Heartime membership is for those individuals 55 years of age or older.


Exercise classes are held Monday, Wednesday, Friday at the UMF Fitness and Recreation Center 7:30am-8:30am. (Note: Due to such specific scheduling and low rates the FRC reserves the right to designate restricted hours on the membership.  Heartime members may only use the FRC from 5:30am to 9:00am or any time on the weekends.)


The cost of the Heartime Membership is $31.00 each semester.  Payments are due in full when you join.  Semester dates are September 1 to December 31, January 1 to April 30 and May 1 to August 31.  (NOTE: Due to such low rates the FRC reserves the right to not discount or reduce rates due to mid-semester enrollment or departures.)

Check out our Group Fitness page for a complete list of classes designed for program participants.