September / October 2018

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Fall is such a beautiful time of year here in the Western Maine mountains! Sometimes it can be difficult to shift your routine to come in from the wonderful outdoors or even the chores of getting ready for the next season to work out “in the gym”. Just keep in mind that it is those indoor workouts keep you strong and fit for all your outdoor activities in all seasons and to help you remain independent and injury free when the wood needs to be split and stacked! Now is a great time to “fall back into fitness” with one of our Group Fitness classes, a program from one of our certified ACE Personal Trainers, or just getting back into your own routine. As always our staff are here to inspire, motivate, and encourage you. If we can help in any way please let us know. And in the meantime, enjoy these beautiful days!
Interim Director – Julie Davis
Director of Athletics, Fitness & Recreation



Ask Me! Orientation Program

Have general questions about fitness? Not sure how many reps you should be doing or how long to wait between sets? How about what the intensity of your cardio workout should be? Do you know how to monitor the intensity? Need to be shown how to use one of our machines?
If you have questions like these, or other fitness related questions, take advantage of our FRC Personal Trainers while he or she is on duty for the ASK ME! program.
The schedule for our trainers is located on the bulletin board on the track, and repeats monthly. So, for example, Noah will be the ASK ME! Personal Trainer on the first Thursday of every month from 6-8am.
Our FRC Personal Trainers have all taken a four credit semester long course taught by Alison Thayer and based on the ACE (American Council of Exercise) syllabus and national certifying examination. Most choose to take the exam and are certified ACE certified Personal Trainers.
They are all very friendly and approachable, and are seeking experience in helping others make the most of their workouts. Please, take advantage of them and their knowledge to make sure you are doing the right exercises in the correct way to progress you toward your personal fitness goals.
Just look for the student Personal Trainer in the black shirt with the big ASK ME! on the back.

Training and eating right for your body type

Every body is different and should be trained differently. Learning what body type you were born with, and recognizing what it means for your training and nutrition, will help you maximize your efforts and get you closer to the body that you want.
* Linear Body
* Narrow Frame
* Smaller joints
* Faster metabolism
* Lower body fat
* Smaller chest and lower body
* Difficulty building muscle & gaining weight
* Round or pear shaped body
* Shorter limbs
* Larger frame
* Slower metabolism
* Easy to gain muscle but often underdeveloped
* Gains weight very easily
* Has to work hard to lose weight
* Wider at shoulders than the hips
* Medium sized joints
* Efficient metabolism
* Smaller waist
* Naturally lean
* Easy to burn fat
* Gains muscle really easily
Many people think that “body type” just describes the way someone looks. In fact, your body type can also provide information about how you respond to food intake and about your hormonal and sympathetic nervous system (SNS) characteristics.
But here’s the thing; not everyone is a pure endo, ecto, or mesomorph. More than likely, you are a combination of two body types. For example, you might be an ecto/mesomorph and gain muscle while finding it easy to stay lean.
Lucky you!
Or, you could be an endo/mesomorph with a slow metabolism but yet you gain muscle easily.
The fact is though, that no matter what genetic traits our parents gave us, we all have the potential to gain muscle mass or to lose fat. It often comes down to how well you eat and how dedicated you are to your training. Years of training and good nutrition can change the outward appearance of one’s body.
There is so much to know and so much to think about in your journey to a better and healthier you. Remember, we have knowledgeable, professional, and certified ACE Personal Trainers at the FRC. If you need a little guidance, direction, or motivation make an appointment with us today. Let us help you make the right decisions and get the results you want!

FRC Parking

Did you know there are four lots you can park around the FRC?
Parking at times can be challenging around the FRC. We’ve highlighted the parking lots that you are required to park in during your visit, to avoid a ticket.
The most underutilized lot is located directly behind the building and has 14 spaces!  To ensure you avoid a ticket do not park outside of a lined spots, especially on grass.
It takes less than 1.5 minutes or about 180 steps to walk from the furthest parking spots to the FRC front desk. Do not become frustrated with parking, just considerate a light warm up!
Fun Fall activities with Mainely Outdoors
Mainely Outdoors is having a fun, fast, and active beginning to the year. Trip offerings have nearly doubled this fall, and trip participation is just about to crest the double mark compared to last year’s average to date.
Students have paddled canoes, kayaks, and paddle boards. They have hiked locally and even sumitted of Maine’s very own – Katahdin Mountain. Miles of trails have been ridden with our weekly Mountain Bike Series and on September 29th, our two Maine White Water Raft Guides took a group down the Kennebec River!
Nolan Miler proudly stands with his well-earned Maine Guide Sticker on his truck!
Mainely Outdoors would like to congratulate Senior ORBA major, Student Leader, and current Intern Nolan Miler for earning his Registered Maine Guide (Recreational) certification this month. Nolan took the Maine Guide Training Course at UMF this past summer.
Successful Katahdin Hike with trip leaders Alicia Gaiero and Stuart Cole
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