Personal Training Request Form (pdf)

We offer individualized exercise programs for all ages and fitness levels, that are tailored to meet ones owns personal goals and health and fitness needs.  Personal trainers design and implement a workout plan for you to achieve your goals in a safe and effective manner.

Who Are the Personal Trainers?

FRC Personal Trainers are primarily UMF students who are Community Health majors, have completed the personal training course, and/or completing fitness certification through a nationally recognized program such as ACE, NCSF, etc.  Their education and training as personal trainers has been closely supervised by professional staff with personal training credentials and experience.  UMF Fitness & Recreation Center trainers are dedicated, knowledgeable students  committed to helping you achieve your     fitness goals through education, motivation and   encouragement.

How to sign up:

Complete a Personal Training Request Form (pdf) and submit to the Front Desk staff or Tricia Thomas, Coordinator of Personal Trainers.  Contact Alison Thayer with any questions at 207.778.7567 or

Benefits to Personal Training:

1. A workout designed for your personal goals.

2. Assistance with setting goals, and plans for meeting them.

3. Exercise programs adapted to your needs, schedule, health and interests.

4. Specificity for sports; for varied fitness levels from beginner to athlete; for accommodating injuries and other health concerns; for weight management.

5. Progress assessments

6. Motivation, encouragement, and feedback from your trainer.

7. Skills and knowledge. Not only will you be   exercising but learning how to do it more  effectively and efficiently.