This page provides you with detailed information about grades and transcripts.


Your instructor will complete the grading process and your grade will be posted on MaineStreet within two weeks of the course ending date.

If you would like to receive notification via text message that your grade has posted Click here for instructions

You may also obtain and print your grade through your Student Center:

  1. Go to MaineStreet 
  2. Select Student Self Service > Student Center
  3. Academics > See Academic History > Grades (you can change the term)
  4. Click the link Printer Friendly Page and print the page using the print function of your web browser.

Questions or concerns regarding a grade should be directed to your instructor within ten (10) days of the grade being assigned.


You may print an Unofficial Transcript through your Student Center in MaineStreet:

Click here for step-by-step instructions with pictures.

  1. Go to MaineStreet 
  2. Select Student Self Service > Student Center
  3. Academics > Academic History > Other academic> Unofficial Transcript
  4. View Unofficial Transcript > Select Academic Institution > go
  5. To print the transcript, click the Printer Friendly Version button. This button will not be available to you if there is a hold on your account.

You may request your Official Transcript be sent to you, your district or MDOE. Click here to learn more.