This page provides some resources you may find helpful.

Research with Human Subjects

Textbook Information

UMF University Store (campus bookstore)

To view required textbook(s), click on:

  • Textbooks (left side, under MERCHANDISE)
  • Then, Click Here to Find Your Course Textbooks (bottom of page)
  • Then, Semester (that you are enrolled in courses)
  • Then select Department (i.e. ECH, EDU, SED)
  • Then select the Course Number (of your course)
  • Then select the Instructor’s name
  • Then click FIND BOOKS
  • If the textbook is not available in the University Store, you will receive a message at your email address notifying you.

To order your textbook, click on:

  • Follow steps to order text(s)

Campus Resources

Campus Map (pdf)

UMF Fitness & Recreation Center
Students actively enrolled in a course may use the UMF Fitness & Recreation Center from the beginning date to the ending date of the class. To receive your Fitness Center pass, just stop by the Fitness & Rec Center, located at 152 Quebec Street, to complete the necessary paperwork.

UMF Information Technology Services
Enrolled students have full access to UMF’s Information Technology Services, located in the UMF Technology Commons (formerly named the UMF Computer Center) and also in UMF’s Mantor Library, which was extensively renovated in the summer of 2014.

Mantor Library
Enrolled students have full access to UMF’s Mantor Library. As partner in the educational mission of Maine’s public liberal arts college, Mantor Library provides instruction and information access to faculty and students, allowing them to meet their scholarly and research goals.

Mantor Library was extensively renovated in the summer of 2014 and it now houses many of the IT and computer services previously found only in the UMF Computer Center.

The Library serves the larger community as a regional information center, within the limits of the library’s resources and its primary commitment to the UMF community.

Off-Campus Library Services

If you are taking an online course, visit this page or call 1-800-339-7323 for Off-Campus Library Services.

Campus Parking Pass
Campus parking permits are not required for Educational Outreach participants during the summer. During the academic year, if you are not able to park along High, South or Lincoln Streets, stop by the UMF Office of Public Safety to get a parking permit.