The Certificate in Administration is designed for practicing educators interested in pursuing opportunities in school administration.

Two years of teaching experience is required to enroll in this Certificate program. Completion of this Certificate requires the following four UMF courses:

EDU 550 School Law for Administrators

This course is a survey of the legal bases of public education in the United States and of contemporary legal issues and cases affecting the practice of school administration.  Although the primary objective is to acquaint the student with the legal principles governing public education in the nation and the State of Maine, special attention will be given to those topics of school law which are, or should be, of immediate concern to the practicing school administrator.

EDU 551 Changing Educational Organizations in a Diverse World

This course is about understanding schools as organizations and how to change them to improve learning for all.  It draws on literature about organizational behavior, culture, change, leadership, learning organizations and professional learning communities.  It is designed to promote critical thinking about and planful action toward creating schools that are true learning organizations.  The course begins with an overview of diverse models of organizations and moves to a focused examination of culture and its impact on organizational behavior.  Frameworks for understanding organizational change and resistance to change are then explored, followed by critical examination of leadership capabilities and skills necessary to lead successful school change efforts, including shared vision, inquiry-based use of data, and broad-based involvement and collaboration.

EDU 552 Supervision and Evaluation of School Personnel

This course provides an overview of supervisory practice in public schools.  It draws upon effective schools, effective teaching, teacher and adult development, and supervisory practice literature as a foundation for direct assistance to teachers and general supervisory work.   The course includes Maine State Law regarding hiring and dismissal practices, just cause, contract issues, dismissal, non-renewal, progressive discipline, and complaint investigation.

EDU 553 Finance for School Administrators

EDU 553 presents a comprehensive introduction to resource acquisition, management, and leadership at the school level. Further, it is designed to engage students in exploring the practical realities of resource leadership and to examine in depth their own skills and knowledge in light of their goals for school leadership. Specifically, in the course students will:  1) develop a comprehensive understanding of resource acquisition, management, and deployment as a central part of their leadership effectiveness.  2) understand the procedural and legal parameters for financial and other resource acquisition, management, and deployment.  3) build skills and understanding for leading this dimension of the school effectively.

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