The Certificate in Gifted and Talented Education is designed for practicing educators interested in pursuing opportunities in teaching gifted and talented students.  Completion of this certificate requires the following four UMF courses:

SED 530 Educational Principles for Learners Who are Gifted

This course introduces the participant to education of gifted learners.  Topics to be presented:  conceptions of giftedness; myths and truths of gifted education; the necessity of gifted education; equitable identification of gifted learners from diverse populations; common cognitive and affective characteristics; highly gifted students; special populations of gifted learners; common social / emotional issues; necessary components of a gifted program; curriculum differentiation in the regular classroom; acceleration vs. enrichment.

SED 531 Curriculum and Instruction for Learners Who Are Gifted

Emphasizes the development of curricular and instructional opportunities to address characteristics and needs of the gifted child. Topics include: complexity and abstractness; differentiation from mainstream curriculum; modification of content, process, product, and learning environments; creative and critical thinking skills; the study of major ideas, issues, problems and themes across content areas; development of understanding of self and others; promotion of self-directed learning; career education; scope and sequence; integration with district standards.

SED 532 Developing and Implementing Programs for the Gifted Learner

This course prepares participants to build effective cohesive programs for gifted students, with direction provided by Maine Chapter 104 and the National Association for Gifted Children Program Standards. Topics include: program philosophy, goals & objectives; program models; identification procedures; curriculum and instruction; addressing atypical giftedness; grouping for instruction; teacher preparation; parent involvement; coordination between regular and special school programs; prevention of emotional problems; secondary vs. elementary programs; program advocacy and program evaluation.

SED 533 Teaching Critical & Creative Thinking in Gifted Programs & Classroom Settings

This course prepares teachers to increase the levels of critical and creative thinking in their classroom teaching.  Topics include critical thinking, creative thinking, and problem solving in education in regular classrooms, arts/music classrooms, and in the education of gifted students.  Participants will learn about assessment of critical thinking and creativity; social and cultural practices which facilitate or inhibit critical and creative thinking; and classroom practices which stimulate or inhibit critical and creative thinking in students and in teachers.  Specific research-based classroom strategies will be taught.

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