1.  Purpose

A UMF certificate program is a series of related graduate courses designed to provide participants with a concentrated, cohesive area of study.  Successful completion should help participants achieve specified learning objectives and competencies in a defined field of study.

2.  Enrollment Requirements

Individuals interested in a UMF graduate certificate program in education must meet the following criteria:

  • Completion of a bachelor’s degree from an accredited institution of higher education;
  • Applicants must have at least two (2) years of teaching experience for Administration Certificate.

Enrollment in a Certificate Program requires:

  • Completion of the Intent to Participate Form and
  • Enrollment in an applicable Certificate Program course. Some Certificate Programs require the sequencing of courses; in such instances, participants will be required to take the courses in the specified sequence.

Completion of a Graduate Certificate Program does not guarantee admission into any of UMF master’s degree program.

3.  Curriculum

A certificate program typically requires a minimum of nine and a maximum of fifteen graduate credit hours. All courses for a specific certificate program must be taken through UMF; no credits can be satisfied through, testing, transfer of credits or through life experience or previous work experience.  (Exceptions can be made at the discretion of the Associate Provost and Dean of Education.)

4. Grading and Transcripts

No graduate course within the certificate program can be taken for Pass/Fail, and satisfactory completion of a specific certificate program requires a cumulative GPA of 3.0 for courses within the certificate program, with no more than one C (2.00).  A grade of C- is not acceptable; if a C- or below is earned in a course, the participant will be required to retake the course to raise the grade or be dropped from that specific certificate program.

Even though certificate programs are not degree‐bearing, they will be designated on a student’s official transcript.  Grades for each course taken as part of a certificate program will appear on a student’s transcript. When the total certificate coursework is completed, the certificate title and date of award will be indicated on the student’s transcript, as well.

5.  Course Sequencing and Certificate Completion

The cluster of courses required for a graduate certificate program must be completed within a specified time period, based upon the number of courses within the certificate program, typically no more than three years. Students are encouraged to enroll in courses within a certificate program in consecutive semesters, since many certificate programs will require a sequencing of courses, and UMF reserves the right to cancel courses and certificate programs at any time due to low enrollments or other conditions affecting enrollment or instruction.

Upon enrollment in the first course of a certificate program, participants will be requested to complete a form indicating their intent to participate in the full certificate program.  That commitment will be used to determine the date/semester that an individual enters the certificate program.

6.  Relationship to UMF’s Master’s Degree Programs

A student who also wishes to seek admission to UMF’s M.S. Ed. in Leadership simultaneously or at a later date must file an application for admission to the degree program and pay applicable fees. Completion of a graduate certificate program does not guarantee admission into any UMF master’s degree programs. Acceptance of UMF certificate course credits may apply to UMF’s M.S. Ed. in Leadership. This decision will be made by the Director of Graduate Programs in Education. Certificate courses are not accepted as electives in the M.S. Ed. in Early Childhood program.

7.  Financial Aid and Student Financial Accounts

Students in certificate programs are not eligible for financial aid unless they are simultaneously accepted and enrolled into a degree program. Financial Aid, in the form of loans only, may be available to students enrolled in a master’s degree program, if approved by UMF’s Student Financial Aid Office. Contact Financial Aid at 778-7100 for more information.

Students who have holds on their University of Maine System accounts, placed by UMF or any other system institution, are not eligible to enroll in a UMF certificate program unless, and until, the hold is lifted by the originating institution.

8.  Method of Instruction

UMF offers graduate courses via various methods: face-to-face, distance or online and as hybrid courses combining face-to-face and online instruction. Any of these methods can also be used to deliver graduate certificate programs in education.

9.  Other Graduate Certificate Policies

It is the responsibility of all students participating in UMF Certificate Programs to become familiar with all academic policies that apply to these programs.

Non-discrimination Notice