Expenses for Academic Year 2014-2015

3 credits 3 1/2 Credits 6 Credits 6 1/2 Credits
Tuition – Maine Resident
$1,137.00  $1,326.50 $2,274.00 $2,463.50
Unified Fee* $    84.00  $    84.00  $    84.00  $    84.00
Total** $1,221.00  $1,410.50 $2,358.00  $2,547.50
Tuition – Non-Maine Resident
$1,650.00 $1.925.00 $3,300.00 $3,575.00

Health Insurance ***
(Billed in Fall semester for coverage from 8/1/14 – 7/31/15)


* Unified Fee for 7-11.5 credits = $166.50; $327.50 for 12+ credits.

** Non-degree graduate students will also pay an additional $50 Outreach Fee each semester they enroll in graduate courses.

***Applies only to graduate degree students taking 6 or more credits. Click here for more information 

Payment for a Course

If you are enrolled in a UMF course, you are considered to be a UMF student.

  • By registering for the course, you acknowledge your understanding that a seat has been reserved for you and that you are responsible for payment.
  • Payment or a 3rd Party Authorization (P.O.) is required when you register. Late fees may be assessed on any accounts not paid in full at the time of registration.
  • You may not receive a paper bill for your course(s). To see and pay your bill online, please log into your Maine Street Student Center (follow the instructions found here).
  • You can pay your bill by:
    • debit or credit card (Master Card, American Express, Visa or Discover) through your Student Center
    • electronic check (ACH), through your Student Center
    • check.  Please mail to Merrill Center; 224 Main Street; Farmington, ME 04938.
  • If your school district is paying for the course, please fax the purchase order to 207-778-7555 or mail it to UMF at the address above. If your district will pay only after you receive your grade, you will need to pay UMF up front and be reimbursed after you complete the you complete the course and meet your district’s requirements; otherwise you will be charged a $50 late fee.
  • Information about Payment Plans.

Financial Aid

Students enrolled in a single course or certificate programs are not eligible for financial aid.

Master of Science in Education Programs
Limited financial aid is available to graduate students. You may apply for Federal Direct Student Loans or loans through qualified private sources. Submission of the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) must be made to receive a Federal Direct Loan. For more information, contact the UMF Financial Aid Office through the UMF Merrill Center: 207-778-7100.

Early Childhood students – Maine Roads to Quality also offers some scholarship money.  Click here to learn more.

Course Load for full-time status, the minimum course load is two 3-credit graduate courses, taken within three consecutive semesters. A student’s full-time status will not be interrupted should the student choose not to enroll in a course during a semester when only concentration courses are offered. However, it is the responsibility of the student to ensure that the student has completed all 36 credits required for completion within five years from the student’s initial enrollment into the Educational Leadership program and six years from initial date of enrollment in the Early Childhood program.

Course Drop / Withdrawal

  • You may drop a UMF course (or withdraw from the University of Maine System) at the UMF Merrill Center (207-778-7100) or at registrar@umf.maine.edu.
  • The date you contact the UMF Merrill Center regarding your intent to withdraw or drop a course will determine your financial adjustment, if any.
  • If you fail to notify the UMF Merrill Center that you stopped attending or never started your course(s), you will receive a failing grade and will be charged full tuition and fees.