Do I need a bachelor’s degree to complete a UMF Graduate Education Certificate?

Yes. Courses offered for these certificate programs are graduate level courses that cannot be taken at the undergraduate level of study.


How do I enroll into a Graduate Education Certificate program?

  1. Register for the required course
  2. Complete and return the Intent to Participate Form. The date on which the Intent to Participate form is received in the Graduate Studies Office will be used to determine the date/semester that an individual enters the certificate program.


I already completed some of the required credits for the Certificate in Administration 4 years ago at UMF. Can these credits be applied to this Certificate program?

Yes. As long as you earned a grade of at least a B- and the course was taken within 5 years of application to the program, you may have those credits applied to the certificate program.

I previously completed all of the required credits for the Certificate in Administration. Can I receive a Certificate in Administration?

No. If you have previously completed all the required credits for this Certificate program, you cannot receive a Certificate in Administration.

Can I transfer in credits earned at another institution?

No. All courses for any of UMF’s Certificate Programs must be earned through UMF.

Can I apply the courses I complete through a UMF Certificate Program into a Master’s degree?

Completion of a graduate certificate program does not guarantee admission into any of UMF master’s degree program. A student who wishes to seek admission to UMF’s M.S. Ed. Educational Leadership simultaneously or at a later date must file an application for admission to the M.S. Ed. program and pay applicable fees.

Certificate course credits are not accepted as electives in the M.S. Ed. Early Childhood program.


Is it necessary to maintain a specific GPA?

Yes. You will be required to maintain a cumulative GPA of 3.0 for courses within the certificate program, with no more than one C (2.00).  A grade of C- is not acceptable; if a C- or below is earned in a course, the participant will be required to retake the course or be dropped from the certificate program.

May I take courses for Pass/Fail?

No graduate course within the certificate program can be taken for Pass/Fail.

Will the certificate I earn show up on my transcript?

Yes. Even though certificate programs are not degree‐bearing, they will be designated on a student’s official transcript, along with grades for each course taken. When all certificate coursework is completed, the certificate title and date of award will be indicated on the student’s transcript.

How do I find my grades and/or request a transcript for a course I recently completed?

Please click here for information about finding your grades and requesting a transcript.


How many credit hours are required in a Certificate Program?

A certificate program typically requires a minimum of nine and a maximum of fifteen graduate credit hours. All courses for a specific certificate program must be taken through UMF; no credits can be satisfied through testing, transfer of credits or through life experience or previous work experience.

Must courses be taken in a specific order? 

Some certificates require the sequencing of courses; in such instances, participants will be required to take the courses in the specified sequence.

How long will it take me to complete a Certificate Program?

Most certificate programs can be completed in 18 months to 2 years. Students must register for courses in the semester they are offered to complete the program within this time frame.

Must I complete all courses in a Certificate Program in a specified time period?

Yes. The cluster of courses required for a graduate certificate program must be completed within a specified time period, based upon the number of courses within the certificate program, typically no more than three years. Students are encouraged to enroll in courses within a certificate program in consecutive semesters, since many certificate programs will require a sequencing of courses, and UMF reserves the right to cancel courses and certificate programs at any time due to low enrollments or other conditions affecting enrollment or instruction.

What is the format of the courses offered through the Certificate Programs?

Graduate courses in a certificate program are offered in various methods: face-to-face, online and blended courses combining face-to-face and online instruction.

I teach all day long during the school year. Are courses scheduled for those of us who work full time?

Yes. During the Academic year, courses are usually offered on Saturdays, or late afternoon starting at 4:00 PM. Most often during the summer term courses are offered during the week on Mondays and Wednesdays, either during the day or in the evenings.


Does completion of a Certificate Program at UMF given me certification through the Maine Department of Education (MDOE)?

No. In addition to courses, there may be other requirements involved for specific MDOE certifications. Although you may complete the required courses needed for a MDOE certification, UMF’s Graduate Education Certificates do not give you certification through MDOE. You are required to apply for an MDOE certification evaluation. Please visit http://www.maine.gov/doe/cert/initial/application/index.html for more information.