Quick Links


  1. myCampus: Use your UserID and password to visit this Campus-wide portal to all technology systems. MyCampus is an excellent entry point into the resources available to you as an enrolled UMF student.*
  2. University E-mail: Use your UserID and password to read UMS emails from your instructor as well as campus offices. While you are an enrolled UMS student, all official university email (i.e.  Provost’s Office, Student Center, and campus alert notifications) will be sent to your UMS email account. Failure to check your UMS email, either directly or through the forwarding account may have negative consequences.*
  3. MaineStreet: Use your UserID and password to visit this site, the University of Maine System’s online portal through which you can access your class schedule, bill, grades, as well as print an unofficial transcript or request an official transcript in your StudentCenter.*  
  4. Blackboard: Use your UserID and password for access to your online or blended course, or a course in which the instructor uses Blackboard to communicate with you.*
    1. Note that you will not see you are registered in a course in Blackboard until your instructor makes the course available to students shortly before the class starts.
  5. Tk20:  For M. S. Ed. students only. Use your UserID and password to visit the Campus-wide assessment tool for matriculated students.*
* If you are a new student, you must first activate your account, instructions are below

Activating your Account

If you are a new student, it will be necessary to activate your University of Maine System (UMS) User Account. Students who have never taken a U Maine System course will be mailed the necessary information to complete the activation process after registering for a UMF graduate course. This information will also be mailed to students admitted to an M.S. Ed. Program.  You will need to visit the page listed below to complete the process.


Returning Students:

  1. If you already have an active UMS  account, but have forgotten your password, visit UMS User Account Management at http://accounts.maine.edu/ and follow the instructions on that page to Recover a lost password.
  2. If you have not recently enrolled in a UMS course, and do not know if your account is active, please call the ITS Help Desk at the number below for assistance. (Note days/hours below.) If you account is not active, request your your Student ID, UMS User ID (UserName) and an activation key.

If you have visited the http://accounts.maine.edu/ page and you are still experiencing problems contact the Information Technology Help Desk

  • By phone (207) 778-7300 Monday-Friday 8am-5pm
  • By email itshelp@umf.maine.edu
  • Website http://its.umf.maine.edu/