Sponsored by the Office of Graduate Studies

UMF is pleased to continue the sponsorship of the Maine Mathematics Coaching Project. In July of 2015 UMF began piloting the Maine Mathematics Coaching Project for preK-8 teachers. In Fall 2017, the project expanded to include secondary teachers with the 9-12 Coaching Pilot. To view a map of our member schools/districts for the 2018-2019 academic year, please click here.

We are currently recruiting coaching candidates for new K-8 and 7-12 cohorts, which will start in the summer of 2019.

Program Goals

The Maine Mathematics Coaching Project (MMCP) has been designed to support districts and educators seeking to improve the quality of teaching and learning in mathematics. The program has three primary goals:

  • Prepare Maine students to meet career and college mathematics demands
  • Provide teachers in the state of Maine with high quality mathematics professional development and resources; and
  • Increase interest, engagement, and self-efficacy in mathematics for students and teachers

Applying to the Project

A successful coaching program requires not just a strong coach, but also the support and commitment of their administrators and district leadership. For that reason, district leadership must be involved in application process.

1. District Leadership is responsible for the following:

  • Contact and meet with Director of Educational Outreach, Sandra MacArthur (sandra.macarthur@maine.edu or (207) 778-7186)
  • Identify coaching candidate to participate in the two year project
  • Complete, sign and return the MMCP Assurances

2. Coaching candidate submits the MMCP Application.  See instructions here.

Cohort 5 (K-8) and Cohort 2 (7-12)

Information about the new cohorts starting in Summer 2019 will be announced as it’s available.

Visit the Cohort 4 page to see the typical K-8 project schedule.


The MMCP program requires the completion of 3 graduate level courses.

K-8 program:

  • EDU 594 Designing a K – 8 Math Coaching Practice (offered in summer)
  • EDU 595 Implementing a K – 8 Math Coaching Practice (offered in fall)
  • EDU 596 Refining a K – 8 Math Coaching Practice (offered in fall)

7-12 program:

  • EDU 565 Design and Implement a Secondary Math Coaching Practice, Part I
  • EDU 566 Design and Implement a Secondary Math Coaching Practice, Part II
  • EDU 567 Implementing and Refining a Secondary Math Coaching Practice

Course descriptions can be found here.


Coaching candidates enrolled in the MMCP program also have the opportunity to enroll in an optional graduate certificate in Math Coaching. To earn the certificate, candidates also take a 4th course (tuition for this course is not included in MMCP membership fees).

  • EDU 525 Developing Formative Assessment Practices in the Mathematics Classroom

Current coaching candidates who would like to enroll in the Math Coaching certificate should contact the Office of Graduate Studies.

Program Costs

District must ensure the coaching candidate, has appropriate technology, release time, resources and support.

District cost:

  • Year 1 $6,000 due before the candidate participates in the program
  • Year 2 $5,500 due before the candidate participates in the program
  • NCSM (National Council of Supervisors of Mathematics) student membership – $55 per year or NCTM (National Council of Teachers of Mathematics) student membership – $94 per year
  • Lodging/transportation costs
  • Mobile technology (laptop or tablet) compatible with MLTI image

Payment to UMF includes:

  • Two Summer Institutes
  • Nine graduate credits for each coach
  • 4 Field Coaching Supervisor training visits per coaching candidate in each academic year