Teacher certification track

Description: This specialization is designed for in-service and pre-service educators seeking certification as a teacher of students with disabilities (282 certification). Courses are chosen in consultation with your academic advisor to ensure state certification requirements are met and professional goals are reached. 

Courses taken may include:

  • SED 503 Preparing students for the future: Transition programming, self-determination and advocacy (required for 6-12 certification)
  • SED 505 Universal design for learning and curriculum access
  • SED 506 Assessment in special education
  • SED 507 Curriculum and instructional programming for students with disabilities
  • SED 508 Classroom and behavior management of students with disabilities
  • SED 511 Mathematics instruction for students with disabilities
  • SED 513 Early childhood speech and language: Development, disorders, and interventions
  • SED 514 Literacy development for all students
  • SED 518 Special education law
  • SED 529 Individualized positive behavior supports