SPARC Course Selection Guidelines For Students Seeking 282 Certification

The SPARC program is designed to be high quality and flexible to assist you in meeting your professional goals. The following document was developed to provide you with guidance in selecting the courses you need if you are seeking your 282 certification in Maine.

If you are planning to complete all of your 24 credits through the SPARC program, we suggest that you start by completing the following three courses because they are essential building blocks in the field of special education. The initial course you select will depend on the semester that you enter the program.

At some point in your program (preferably after completing at least one of the above courses), we recommend that you take SED 506 Assessment in Special Education and SED 518 Special Education Law due to the important role assessment and law play in the field of special education.

Your remaining credits will vary based on your professional goals.

Additional Course Offerings

If you would like additional support in selecting courses, please contact the Division of Graduate & Continuing Education at 207-778-7502 or

* SPARC courses may be taken to fulfill master’s degree concentration requirements, re-certification, professional development and personal goals.