The B.A. in English is a traditional and widely respected arts and sciences degree, in which students work their way through a series of increasingly sophisticated and complex approaches to English and American literature.  More than ninety students are currently pursuing a B.A. in English at UMF, with many more majoring in Creative Writing and Secondary Education-English.

Our program features small classes, in which students engage with the meanings created by significant literary works, learn to read sensitively, and develop important skills in writing, critical thinking, and detailed textual analysis.  Students are encouraged to take advantage of one-on-one conferencing, and professors get to know their students well.

The program offers a wide variety of elective courses in literature, creative writing, and linguistics.  English students are able to use their critical thinking and communication skills in internship opportunities on and off campus.  Graduates of the English program go on to a wide range of positions in both the private and the public sector and to graduate school.

Spring 2010 Literature Courses Fulfilling Distribution Requirements in English, Secondary Education-English, and Creative Writing

Winter 2013 and Spring 2013 Literature and Writing Topics Course Descriptions

Program Requirements