Philosophy is an attempt to think clearly and rigorously about the fundamental presuppositions we all make about the world, especially the puzzling and problematic ones. Religion is an interdisciplinary study that brings together history, textual analysis, anthropology, and psychology in order to chronicle and explain the human need for fundamental meaning. Together, philosophy and religion comprise the study of humanity’s efforts to arrive at reasonable answers to life’s most fundamental questions.

Philosophy/religion majors at UMF study the analysis and construction of well-reasoned arguments, the history and subfields of philosophy, and the world’s great religions through a combination of elective and required courses. Students might go from a discussion of Buddhism—to an examination of Nietzsche’s analysis of morality—to a lecture on Plato’s theory of the soul. Faculty members are engaged in a wide variety of research projects and share their interests and results with their classes.

The broad cultural background you receive as a philosophy/religion major will help you participate effectively in your profession and live life with a greater appreciate for its mystery and meaning.

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