Matthew Houston

2012 graduate with a double major in Philosophy/Religion and Music.  Currently pursuing a Masters in Philosophy at Stony Brook University.


Michael MacKay

2012 graduate with an individualized major in Philosophy and Psychology. Currently pursuing a degree in counseling at Husson University.


Michael Hughes

2007 graduate with a quadruple major: Philosophy / Religion, Political Science / Social Science, English, and Mathematics.  Currently pursuing a Ph.D. in Philosophy at the University of Connecticut.


Amy Clearwater

2006 graduate with an individualized major in Philosophy, Political Science, and Sociology, graduated U Maine Law School 2009.  Currently a writer and editor in Brooklyn, NY.


Robert Morrison

2003 graduate in Philosophy / Religion.  Former Outdoor Education Director at the Spurwink Institute, New Gloucester, Maine.  Currently pursuing a career in physical therapy.


Matthew Fulkerson

2000 graduate in Philosophy/Religion.  Earned PhD in Philosophy in 2010 from University of Toronto and is now an Assistant Professor of Philosophy (tenure-track) at the University of California at San Diego.