Networking Event Helps Prepare UMF Students for the Working World


Left to right: Stephen Davis, UMF career counselor; Samantha DePoy-Warren, class of 2006; and Benjamin Sandy, UMF senior from Vassalboro.

Successful Maine business professionals who received their undergraduate degrees from UMF recently shared their work experiences with students at UMF’s seventh annual College to Corporate Symposium. As reported by the Sun Journal, the yearly event invites students to participate in a professional networking opportunity that includes a panel discussion on hiring practices, industry trends and key ways to navigate today’s job landscape. Kate Baum, UMF assistant director of alumni relations and moderator of the event, sees the connection between students and successful alumni as very beneficial as students prepare for the working world. “Events like these help students be successful in the job market, and hopefully they’ll come back to campus to share their experiences with the next generation of students.”

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