Placement Tests

The UMF Learning Assistance Center coordinates placement of first-year students in math and writing courses. Students who need to take placement tests must take the tests before being permitted to register for MAT 100 or higher and/or ENG 100 or higher courses.  The tests are designed to ensure that students have the tools they need to succeed at UMF.

Why do I need placement tests?

The staff of the Learning Assistance Center is eager to help you succeed within our academic community. Our first task is to figure out which writing and math courses are right for you.

Who takes the placement tests?

  • Students who do not submit SAT scores
  • Students whose Math SAT is below 530
  • Students whose Evidence-Based Reading and Writing SAT score is below 560

What tests must I take?

  • Accuplacer ® Arithmetic and Elementary Algebra if your SAT Math score is below 530
  • WritePlacer ® if your SAT  Writing score is below 560

Note that we do NOT accept Accuplacer® Sentence Skills for placement.

Where do I test?

  • At UMF Testing Services on the third floor of Franklin Hall, corner of Main Street and South Street.
  • At any Accuplacer® center, which may include your high school, local community college, or local university.

If you test at a location other than on our campus, ask the test administrator to fax your test results and your WritePlacer ® essay to (207)778-7298. We cannot determine placement without this.

When must I test?

  • You should test as soon as possible after you have confirmed your acceptance at UMF.
  • Incoming students who have not/will not visit UMF will be scheduled to test during the International Orientation program, prior to the beginning of the semester.
  • You must test before you register for courses to avoid being placed in non-credit math or developmental writing courses
  • You may test at Accepted Student Days on the UMF campus.
  • The UMF Testing Services site is generally open Monday through Friday from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m.

When you confirm your acceptance, you should test as soon as possible so that you may be registered for the appropriate courses.  

How do I register?

Call the Testing Center at (207)778-7666 at least 24 hours in advance Monday through Friday 8 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. to schedule an individual appointment for placement testing, possibly as part of a campus visit you’re already planning. You may also contact your local Accuplacer® test center. Check with your local testing center to see whether it offers the particular tests you need.

If you are not able to test right away, contact Becky Young, the Learning Assistance Center Administrative Assistant, at (207) 778-7295.

What are the tests like?

What will I need for the tests?

You will be provided with a computer and paper, pencil or pen. You will not need a calculator. If you are taking the test(s) at a location other than UMF, there may be a charge.

What if I need an accommodation for a disability?

Please call Becky Young, the Learning Assistance Center Administrative Assistant, at (207)778-7295.

Do I have to pass the tests?

You cannot fail placement tests; you will be placed in one class or another as a result of your scores. You may be informed of your placement immediately, or you may receive a letter or e-mail about your placement depending on your individual results.

Will I earn credit for my developmental courses?

Developmental math courses do not earn college credit, however, they do count as four-credit courses toward full-time status, financial aid, and varsity athletics eligibility. LIA 102, Intensive English, our developmental writing course, is a four-credit course that does count as electives toward graduation because faculty members have determined that the course represent college-level work.

Foreign Language Placement Testing

For Students studying French and/or Spanish:

Make sure you belong in the class you registered for. If you’ve had 2 or more years in high school, you should take the placement test. It’s very easy. It takes less than one hour and can be taken online at any time. Be aware that Main Street will not let you register into FRE/SPA 102 or 201 without the prerequisites. Contact  Debra Kinney (Roberts 118) or Shari Witham (Roberts 209A) so that they can register you in FRE/SPA 102 or 201. Their e-mails are:;


Placement credits can only be awarded for K-12 language courses.  If you have taken any language university classes, this placement exam does not apply to you. Depending on previous language experience in K-12, you may earn up to eight credits for the courses you skip.  These credits are awarded upon successful completion (grade of C or better) of the course into which you place.  If you pass the language 102 level, you will receive an additional four credits for language 101 as transfer credits.  If you pass the 201 level, you will get an additional 8 credits for Language 101 and 102 as transfer credits.  (You do not have to pay any tuition for the placement credits.  There is, however, a $15.00 fee when placement credits are posted.  In borderline cases you should contact your language instructor for advice with proper placement.

Contact Linda Britt with questions:

Click Here To Take The Foreign Language Placement Exam

Placement Testing Questions?

Do I need to test if . . .

. . . I didn’t submit my SAT scores?

Yes. However, you may submit scores that meet our cutoff requirements, 530 math and 560 Writing (or 500 verbal on the pre-2005 SAT I only), to the Office of Admission to be exempt from testing. Call the Office of Admission at (207)778-7050.

. . . I’ve had Advanced Placement courses?

Yes, if you do not take or pass the Advanced Placement test. No, if you scored a three or higher on an AP English or math exam. Submit your AP test scores, either in the form of an official score report issued by the College Board or as part of an official high school transcript, to the Office of Admission.

. . . I earned good grades in high school?

Yes. The need to test is determined by your SAT scores (the first tier of our placement screening process).

. . . I’ve passed a credit course on another campus?

No. If you transfer in credit for college-level English or math, you do not have to take placement tests. You must arrange to have your official transcript with a grade of C- or better submitted to the Office of Admission.

. . . I’m enrolled in a credit course on another campus?

No, but please let us know that you are dually-enrolled if you haven’t already (call Becky Young at 778-7295). Once completed, please send your official transcript with a grade of C- or better to the Office of Admission.

. . . I’ve passed or am enrolled in a developmental course at another campus?

Yes. The University of Maine at Farmington does not accept non-credit courses, but your work in a developmental course may help you on the tests.