Short-Term Travel Courses

Would you like to have the opportunity to study and travel with a professor? Then consider participating in a short term travel course.

Short Term Travel courses are organized by a faculty member at a university who leads a group of students abroad. The travel study courses are offered as winter break, spring break or May term courses. Some are also offered as summer session courses. Many faculty open their courses to students from other universities.


UMF Short-Term Travel Courses

UMF Short Term Travel courses are considered regular UMF courses. They qualify for financial aid. The grades are included in the student’s cumulative GPA at UMF.

  • WINTER TERM 2015
    • Tropical Nature: Exploring Costa Rica (BIO 277/ENG 277) For more information please contact  Jeffrey Thomson , 778-7454
      Investigate how we learn from nature and how we learn about nature as we explore many of Costa Rica”s twelve different ecosystems – from cloud forest through tidal mangrove swamps to beach ecosystems.
  • MAY TERM 2015
    • Andean Explorations: Past and Present (ANT 277S) For more information please contact Lucas Kellett,  778-7096 or Nicole Kellett 778-7433
      This travel course seeks to expose students from a wide range of disciplines to the unique archaeology and anthropology of the Peruvian Andes. This course will offer a comprehensive look at Andean culture from prehistoric to modern times and compare traditional conceptions of Andean culture with more contemporary ones, specifically in regards modern influences of modernization, globalization, economics and politics. Check out the course website at for more information.
    • Ireland & Scotland Field Study (GEY277) For more information please contact David Gibson, 778-7402
      This field course will examine the geology of Ireland and Scotland, utilize the principles of field mapping to decipher geologic history, and investigate the relationship between geology and landscape. We will visit many classic localities that were instrumental in the development of geological theories throughout the 19th and 20th centuries.
    • Italian Political History (ARH277A/ENG277H/MUS177A/POS262S) For more information please contact Scott Erb, 778-7486
      Come explore Italian culture and history with professors offering perspectives from a wide range of disciplines. Sarah Maline is an Art Historian, Steve Pane a Music Historian, Luann Yetter specializes in Literature and Scott Erb in European politics. Together we’ll visit the great cities of Italy, learning to appreciate not just the beauty but its rich history. The likely destinations are Rome, Florence and Venice. Whether appreciating opera, discussing Dante’s Inferno, exploring Italian cuisine, being amazed by the paintings of Da Vinci or learning about the politics of ancient Rome or the Catholic Church, this course develops a deep connection with culture, history and place.
      Visit for more detailed information.
    • Tanzania: Ecotourism and Environmental Activism (POS227S/INS280) For more information please contact Linda Beck, 778-7341
      This course offers an exceptional opportunity to explore the dynamic relationship between people, wildlife, and the environment in one of the world’s most spectacular natural settings: Northern Tanzania. Whether hiking Mount Kilimanjaro, exploring the Cradle of Man in the Ngorongoro Crater, or going on safari in the Serengeti plain, this region has an abundance of destinations for ecotourism that we will experience first hand. The course will focus on the current efforts by non-profit organizations to promote sustainable tourism through Wildlife Management Areas that seek to protect this fragile ecosystem while providing economic opportunities and cultural survival for ethnic groups such as the Maasai pastoralists and Hadzabe hunter-gathers.
    • Tropical Island Ecology (BIO 321/ENV 321/INT 221) For more information please contact Nancy Prentiss, 778-7396
      Experiential learning on a tropical island: Snorkel, hike and experience the natural world on St. John, in the U.S. Virgin Islands National Park, at the Virgin Islands Environmental Resource Station:
      Check out a YouTube video clip from a previous UMF trip:

Other University of Maine System Travel Study Courses

The following University of Maine System Campuses also offer Travel Study Courses. They are considered transfer courses and grades are not included in the student’s UMF cumulative GPA. They qualify for financial aid.

University of Maine Travel Study Courses
University of Southern Maine Travel Study Courses