Study Abroad/International Sashes for Graduation Ceremonies

The Office of Global Education sponsors the study abroad/international sash program for graduation ceremonies. Select individuals qualify to wear sashes over their graduation gowns. Each sash can depict one to three foreign country flags. The commencement brochure will contain a description and explanation of the sash program, with a list of represented countries. We are excited about this program and the opportunity to highlight our study abroad and international students and faculty.


Graduating seniors who…

– Participated in a Study/Teach/Intern Abroad UMF approved program or Faculty-Led Short Term Travel course
– Are foreign born nationals

Faculty and Administrators participating in graduation ceremonies who…..

– Are foreign born nationals
– Have participated in a UMF formal teaching experience abroad (includes semester, shorter/multiple/repeat terms)
– Have led a short term travel course abroad
– Spent a semester studying abroad while in college/earned a degree abroad

Order and Payment Deadline:  March 11th, 2020
Complete the Sash Order Form here.  Then proceed to the Online Payment Site.