Find a Contact’s Phone Number in GMail

You can access a contact’s phone number in Gmail by hovering over their name in the chat list, then clicking the ‘More’ ( or ‘Video & more’ ) button in the popup box, then select ‘Contact Details’.
This also works from inside an email when you hover over their name, or in the list of emails in a folder or label.

Shannon Scott
Web Services Manager

Winter Wireless Upgrades

While most students were away for Winter Break, ITS was busy improving UMF’s wireless internet coverage.

First, we increased the number of wireless access points in Merrill Hall and Stone Hall and upgraded them to models that support the newer 802.11a/n standard as well as the older 802.11b/g.  What that means is wireless internet in those buildings can be as much as 5-10 times faster than before, while also improving coverage throughout the building.

Then we reused the older (but still very effective) access points that we removed from Merrill and Stone, and we added them to the existing wireless network in Mallett and Purington Halls.  This provides stronger signal in more parts of the building, and because there are more internet access points, there will be more bandwidth to share.

Tom O’Donnell
Senior Manager of Network and Server Systems

Having trouble printing PDFs from a Mac on OCE printers?

Printing PDFs from a Mac to Oce printers

The following is a work-around for trouble printing PDFs from a Mac to Oce printers (some Oces have this problem, others may not)…

Assuming the account tracking information has been entered correctly and saved as a preset, printing PDFs from Acrobat might still be troublesome.

Printing from Preview may not work at all.

The solution in several cases has been simple, but will require a couple extra mouse clicks.  Oce is aware of the issue and is troubleshooting.

Refer to the screen shot and numbered steps to print PDFs successfully from your Mac, to the Oce printer.

Picture 1

  1. From Reader/Pro click File, Print.
  2. Choose the printer if necessary.
  3. Then select the “Printer” button at the bottom of the pop up window (highlighted here in blue).
  4. The “Print Setup dialog box….” window may pop up.  Choose Yes (after selecting do not show this message again if appropriate).

Picture 2

  1. In the next Print window that pops up, simply click the “Print” button.   This window will go away, and you can select the “Print” button at the main Print window.  The job should print without trouble.  If it does not print, review the job log at the printer for any errors (if possible) and report your findings to the ITS Help Desk.

Send Instant Messages Using Google Talk

Gmail includes Google Talk, a built-in chat gadget that you can use to send and receive instant messages with your colleagues. You can also chat with anyone outside of your domain who uses Google chat or AOL Instant Messenger (AIM).

Want to hear and see the person you’re chatting with? Just install the voice and video chat plugin to start having real conversations right in your Gmail window (see instructions below).

Recommended: You can also install Google Talk—a standalone instant messaging client—which you can use outside of Gmail. With Google Talk, you can set up email alerts that pop up in the lower-right corner of your desktop whenever you receive a new message—even if Gmail isn’t open (see instructions below).

To open the Chat gadget:

Click Chat in the left pane of your Gmail window:

Chat Gadget 1

To find a coworker with the Chat gadget:

The Google Talk gadget shows a list of people you’ve recently communicated with. You can also find a coworker by starting to type his or her name or email address in the Search, add, or invite field. For example:

Chat Gadget 2

To start a chat:

Simply point to a user in the list or search results, and then click Chat (or, if you haven’t yet chatted with the user, click Invite to Chat):

Chat Gadget 3

Note: A green dot appears to the left of a contact who is online and available.

To chat outside of your Mail window:

If you’re chatting with someone, you can click the Pop-out arrow to use the Chat gadget outside of your Gmail window:

Chat Gadget 4To set up chat options:

If you’ll be using voice and video chat…

In your Gmail window, click Settings in the upper right, and then click the Chat tab. You’ll see options for saving your chat history, voice and video chat, sounds, emoticons, and more.

Chat Gadget 5

If you won’t be using voice and video chat…

In your Gmail window, click Settings in the upper right, and then click the Chat tab. You’ll see options for saving your chat history, sounds, emoticons, and more.

Chat Gadget 6

To install the voice and video chat plug-in:

1. In Gmail, click Settings > Chat.
2. Under Voice and video chat, click Learn more to go to the page on which you can download the voice and video chat plugin:

Chat Gadget 7

To install the standalone Google Talk client:

Just visit the Google Talk page and click Download Google Talk:

Google Apps Tips & Tricks: Creating a strong password

Hackers are becoming more and more sophisticated at finding ways to access your private information. The good news is, you can keep your data secure by making sure that each password you create is unique and hard to guess. Having a different password for each of your online accounts is also wise. Otherwise, if you used a single password for all of your accounts, a hacker could discover just that one password to potentially access all of your accounts!

A strong password is easy to create. Here’s one of our favorite tips.

Tips for creating a strong password

A good password is both easy for you to remember and hard for others to figure out.

The Do’s and Don’t when creating a strong password:

  • Do include:
    • Both upper- and lowercase letters
    • Numbers and special characters
  • Don’t include:
    • A form or derivative of your current login name (such as writing it in reverse or capitalizing it)
    • Any part of your first or last name
    • Your spouse, child or pet’s name
    • Your driver’s license, social security or license plate number
    • A word found in any dictionary

An easy way to create a strong password is to create a simple sentence and use the first letters of each word, along with symbols and numbers, to create your new password. For example, your sentence might be something like: “Eat three apples daily for good health!” Your password would then be: etadfgh

Then using the suggestions above for creating a strong password, mix up the case of the letters and include some numbers and characters. Your password might then look like: e3AD4gh!

Find more tips on the Internet

There’s quite a bit of information on the Internet on creating strong passwords. For example, check out The Ultimate Guide for Creating Strong Passwords (provided by The Geek Stuff website). After that, try a Google search for “creating strong passwords.”

Check the strength of your password

Think you came up with a good password? Check its strength using the online Password Meter. (