Who takes the developmental courses?


Developmental courses are required for students whose placement test scores suggest that they may be underprepared for introductory college courses in writing or mathematics. Placement into developmental courses will be based on a student’s individual needs and program requirements. Students who are required to take a developmental math or writing course must do so in their first two semesters and must earn a passing grade before enrolling in a credit math course or first-year writing seminar. Developmental writing courses count as four elective credits. Although developmental math courses are non-credit, they do count towards your full-time status, financial aid, and participation in varsity sports.



Course Descriptions:

Intensive English (LIA 102) concentrates on composition skills required for success in college, emphasizing the process of writing and fundamentals of English grammar and usage. Students assigned on the basis of placement testing. Prerequisite(s): Placement test results or permission of instructor.   Every semester.  Credit: 4  UPDATE: This course will not run for 2021-22

Basic Mathematics (MAT 010) Non-credit math/algebra review leading to MAT 011 or MAT 103M. Prerequisite(s): Placement test results or permission of instructor. (Pass/Fail only)  Every semester.  Credit: 0

Basic Algebra (MAT 011) Non-credit algebra review leading to MAT 100M or MAT 120M. Prerequisite(s): Placement test results, MAT 010 or permission of instructor. (Pass/Fail only)  Every semester.  Credit: 0