Between SI sessions and SI leader office hours, there are plenty of opportunities to review material with others in SI-connected courses. Here is what you can expect from each:

SI Sessions

These are group sessions, held twice a week for one hour each. Sessions are facilitated by a SI Leader who is a student who took and did well in the class previously. SI Leaders have been trained to facilitate group learning, and create activities that will strengthen your knowledge of the content presented in class. Studies have shown if you attend SI regularly, you are often more likely to increase your final grade than your peers who attend sporadically or not at all.

SI Office Hours

Learning Commons office hours are held by SI Leaders twice a week for one hour each. They are separate from sessions in that they are not structured sessions. Office hours are intended for drop-in, individual tutoring for students who have further questions about class content. You do not need to schedule an appointment to attend SI office hours; you can simply drop-in during the designated times.

SI Schedule

Course Name Professor Name Location of Session Date/Time
ECO 101S Messier RA 217 TTh 6-7
ECO 102S Harper Roberts 205 T,W 6-7
CHY 142 Morocco Roberts 103 MW 7-8
CHY 242 Sherrod Roberts 203 M,W 5-6
MAT 120 Hardy Roberts 201 T 6-7, Th 7-8
MAT 120 Koban RA 205 M 7-8, Th 6-7
MAT 120 Bies RA 217 (M), 205 (W) M 5-6, W 6-7
MAT 141 Hardy Roberts 107 T 4-5, Th 12-1
MAT 142 Koban Roberts 205 W 6-7, Th 7-8