Peer Tutoring

Tutoring is a free service provided by the University to currently enrolled students.

UMF tutors are students who help their peers help themselves. They share skills and study strategies that encourage independent learning.  Tutors support their peers in understanding difficult course content, planning and revising papers, or reviewing for exams and projects. All tutors are faculty recommended, have excelled in their courses, and are required to attend on-going training. Students should come prepared to peer tutoring by bringing assignments, textbooks, and notebooks. Tutors will ask students what they want to work on in their sessions. Tutoring is not a replacement for attending class and completing homework;  it is a supplement to study time.

Drop-By Peer Tutoring

Students who want tutoring in mathematics and writing can attend drop-by hours in the Student Learning Commons. Tutors are available from the second week  through the last week of the semester. No appointment is necessary; students can simply drop by and sign in.

By day:  Monday – Thursday, noon to 2:00 p.m.
By evening:  Sunday – Thursday, 6:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m.

Individual Peer Tutoring

Tutors for all other courses can be requested at the Student Learning Commons Monday – Friday, noon to 3:00 pm.  Learning Assistance professional staff will meet with students who request tutors to assess their needs and make plans for support. Session times will be set at the convenience of both tutors and students.

When Should Students Participate in Tutoring?

Students tend to do better in their courses when they request tutoring early in the semester.  Students should come for tutoring when they

  • would like support with understanding course content
  • need feedback on homework or papers
  • want to practice problems with peers
  • would like ideas for organizing notes for exams or papers

Learning Commons tutors are funded both by departmental funds and work study money. To apply for a tutoring position, please contact Pete St. John (

Here are the eligibility requirements to work as a tutor:

1. Latest SGPA of 3.0 or better
2. In good academic standing
3. A’s in the subjects you would tutor
4. One completed semester at UMF before starting work
5. UMF Professor’s recommendation
6. Interview with Learning Commons Coordinator
7. Completed Merrill Work Authorization process