Mantor Library is committed to providing a collaborative atmosphere which is conducive to study, reading, and the appropriate use of library resources. Library patrons are expected to act in a manner which is in keeping with the library’s purpose and to comply with all library regulations and policies. Behavior which disrupts the orderly use of the library or damages library property is unacceptable and may result in disciplinary action including the loss of library privileges and other consequences deemed appropriate by library staff, university administration, and law enforcement authorities.

  1. Food and non-alcoholic beverages are permitted in parts of the library. To protect library materials, food and beverages are not allowed in the shelving areas. Food and beverage containers should not be placed on couches, chairs, copiers, computers, or other equipment. Spills should be reported promptly to library staff.
  2. Please be considerate with cell phone use.
  3. Children 15 years old and younger must be under the direct supervision of an adult at all times. The adult is responsible for the child’s behavior in an environment designed for research and study. Unaccompanied children will be required to leave the library.
  4. Members of the community who are 12 years old and older may request a free library card, which will allow them to borrow materials from the regular collection.
  5. Patrons are expected to obey all current copyright regulations and adhere to the posted Technology Use Policy.
  6. Patrons are expected to pay for all printed and photocopied material.
  7. Shoes must be worn at all times.

The following are prohibited in all areas of the library:

  • Sleeping.
  • Smoking, or the use of any tobacco product.
  • Animals, with the exception of those necessary for personal assistance.
  • Use of roller blades, skateboards, cycles or any unauthorized wheeled equipment. Bicycles must be left in the rack provided in front of the library; they may not be left in the entryway.
  • Blocking entrances, exits, or aisles.
  • Disorderly, disruptive, or threatening behavior including, but not limited to, loud talking, threats, sexual harassment, displays of illegal materials, or violent or abusive language.
  • Damaging or destroying library materials or property including, but not limited to, underlining or highlighting, removing pages or portions of pages, or attempting to remove bindings or electronic theft tags.
  • Using library furnishings and/or equipment in a manner which is inconsistent with its intended purpose and/or potentially damaging.
  • Attempting to remove library materials without following proper checkout procedures. Patrons setting off the security alarm will be asked to return to the desk to determine the reason.
  • Concealing or deliberately misfiling library materials for the exclusive use of an individual or group.
  • Failing to leave the building promptly at closing or in the event of an emergency; attempting to remain in the library after it is closed; or attempting to enter the building after the doors are locked.
  • Opening emergency exits except in an emergency.